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Who had the most interceptions in 2015?

Who had the most interceptions in 2015?

Luke Kuechly
NFL Postseason Stat Leaders 2015

Interceptions INT
1 Luke KuechlyCAR 2
3 Cortland FinneganNO 1
3 Sean SmithOAK 1
3 Brian CushingHOU 1

Who was the sack leader in 2015?

J.J. Watt

Year Player Sk
2015 J.J. Watt (26) 17.5
2014 Justin Houston (25) 22.0
2013 Robert Mathis (32) 19.5
2012 J.J. Watt (23) 20.5

Who has the most tackles in 2016?

Interpreted as:

Bobby Wagner 80 748
Blake Martinez 78 672
Lavonte David 76 559
Demario Davis 81 578

Who has the most sacks in the NFL 2015?

J. J. Watt
Sacks became an official statistic in 1982. Michael Strahan of the New York Giants holds the record with 22.5, which he had during the 2001 season. In 2013, the NFL created the Deacon Jones Award to recognize the season leader in sacks….NFL Sack leaders.

Year 2015
Player J. J. Watt (2)
Sacks 17.5
Team Houston Texans (2)

Who was the best running back in 2009?


Rk Player Pos
1 Chris Johnson*+ RB
2 Thomas Jones RB
3 Steven Jackson* RB

Who lead the NFL in receiving yards 2015?

Antonio Brown

Rk Player Yds
1 Antonio Brown*+ 1834
2 Julio Jones*+ 1871
3 DeAndre Hopkins* 1521
4 Jarvis Landry* 1157

What NFL player has the most sacks?

Bruce Smith
NFL History – Sack Leaders

Sack Leaders
1 Bruce Smith 200
2 Reggie White 198
3 Kevin Greene 160

Who led the league in interceptions in 2016?

Philip Rivers
Philip Rivers led the NFL in 2016 with 21 interceptions.

Who has the most rushing yards in 2015?

Adrian Peterson

Rk Player Yds
1 Adrian Peterson*+ 1485
2 Doug Martin*+ 1402
3 Latavius Murray* 1066

Which NFL player has the most sacks?

Who was the best running back in 2013?


Rk Player Pos
1 LeSean McCoy*+ RB
2 Marshawn Lynch* RB
3 Matt Forte* RB

What player in the NFL has the most touchdowns?

The statistic depicts the National Football League players with the most passing touchdowns in the league’s history (as of December 30th, 2019). Peyton Manning has the most touchdown passes in NFL history with 539.

Who holds the record for most career sacks in the NFL?

The record for the most sacks in an NFL career is held by Defensive End Bruce Smith who had 200 sacks in his 19 year career (1985-1999 with the Buffalo Bills and 2000-2003 with the Washington Redskins ).

Who is the NFL sack leader?

Bruce Smith, NFL’s all-time sack leader, has high praise for Von Miller . Denver Broncos outside linebacker Von Miller invited two of the best pass rushers in NFL history to coach at his Pass Rush Summit last month.