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Who is Ann Curry husband?

Who is Ann Curry husband?

Brian Rossm. 1989
Ann Curry/Husband

Curry is married to Brian Ross, a software executive, whom she met in college. They have a daughter, McKenzie, and a son, William Walker Curry Ross.

What is Ann Curry salary?

Her salary is now reported to be a glass-ceiling breaking $12 million as NBC News National and International Correspondent/Anchor and Today Anchor at Large.

Where is Ann Curry from?

Hagåtña, Guam
Ann Curry/Place of birth

Where is Ann Curry now 2021?

Curry still considers herself an Oregon girl even though she lives in the state of New York.

Is Ann Curry still married to Brian Ross? reports that Ann Curry married software executive Brian Ross in October 1989. His company bio reports that he has over 20 years of experience at top Wall Street software firms and major technology initiatives, including Thomson ILX, Blackrock, and Trepp.

Does Ann Curry have a daughter?

McKenzie Ross
Ann Curry/Daughters

How Old Is Ann Curry?

64 years (November 19, 1956)
Ann Curry/Age

Are Ann Curry and Katie Couric friends?

Katie Couric on whether she and Ann Curry keep in touch “I haven’t seen her,” Couric said. “Once in a while, I’ll run into her at things, but I think she’s working on a PBS show or something. You know, I always liked Ann, but we weren’t really very close friends. “No, I don’t, shhhh,” Couric said laughing.

What happened to Ann Curry NBC News?

During one of the biggest news events in history, one of America’s most prominent television journalists is not in the newsroom. Instead, Ann Curry, the former cohost of the Today show, is spending the COVID-19 shutdown in her Connecticut home, where she’s been in quarantine with her husband, tweeting.

How tall is Ann Curry?

1.68 m
Ann Curry/Height

Who replaced Ann Curry?

“We are heartbroken,” Guthrie, who replaced Ann Curry as Lauer’s co-host in 2012, said. Matt Lauer and Ann Curry attend the “Today” show 60th anniversary celebration at the Edison Ballroom on Thursday, Jan.

Who has hosted the Today show?


# Host Number of years
1 Matt Lauer 20 years, 331 days
2 Katie Couric 15 years, 60 days
3 Bryant Gumbel 15 years, 3 days
4 Jane Pauley 13 years, 82 days

Who are Ann Curry’s Kids?

Ann Curry and husband Brian Ross ‘s Children. The married couple has two beautiful children, a son and a daughter named McKenzie and William Walker. Their daughter McKenzie is 26 years old and has immense love for volleyball since her teenage.

What ethnicity is Ann Curry?

Ann Curry is an American television personality, journalist, and photojournalist. Ann was born in Guam and holds the nationality of America. Ann belongs to white ethnicity group. Her birthday falls on November 19 and she has reached the age of 61 years. Her nickname is Ann.

Who is Ann Curry’s sister?

Currie was born to Don Currie and actress Marie Harmon . She was raised in Encino , California, with three siblings. Her brother is Don Currie Jr. She has an elder sister, actress Sondra Currie, and an identical twin sister, Marie Currie.

Who is Ann Curry’s husband?

Ann Curry is a married woman. She is married to software executive, Brian Ross. The pair married on 21 October 1989. They have two children together: McKenzie and William Walker Curry Ross.