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Who is Karen Mok husband?

Who is Karen Mok husband?

Johannes Nattererm. 2011
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Who is Karen Mok father?

Alan Morris
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Where does Karen Mok live?

Mok married her boyfriend, German-born Johannes Natterer, at a church near Florence, Italy, on 1 October 2011. Mok has 3 adult step-children and spends her time between London and her international engagements. In 2017, she and her husband celebrated their 30th anniversary together with an elaborate party at Kensington …

Where is Karen Mok from?

British Hong Kong
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Why Karen Mok and Stephen Fung broke up?

According to Bai Lu Mei, she was a fan of his talent and saw him as a cinematic genius, and so was utterly devoted to the director. But Stephen had a love life that was too “rich and exciting”, which Karen apparently couldn’t accept and so she initiated the breakup.

How old is Karen Mok?

51 years (June 2, 1970)
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How tall is Karen Mok?

1.67 m
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Who is the Chinese singer known as Mok Man wai?

Karen Mok is a Chinese actress and three time Golden Melody Award winner singer-songwriter known best as Mok Man-wai in the Chinese speaking communities. She has been active in the industry since 1993.

How old is Karen Mok from Mok wiki?

Karen Joy Morris was born on 2 June 1970 in Hong Kong. She grabbed the Golden Melody Award three times. After launching her own music label, Mok-A-Bye Baby Records, she signed a music deal with Sony Music in 2018.

Who are Karen Mok and Alan Morris parents?

She has been active in the industry since 1993. She belongs to mixed ancestry where her father Alan Morris is half Chinese and Welsh and her mother Mok Ho Man Yee is Chinese, Iranian and German descent. She had attended Diocesan Girls’ School in Hong Kong from primary to secondary level and United World College in Italy.

Where did Karen Mok do her European Tour?

The European leg of the tour brought her in London to the Palladium and in Paris to the Folies Bergère, making her the first Chinese pop singer to perform in this venue. With the Ultimate tour, Mok celebrated her 25th anniversary in show business.