Who is Lil Bits baby daddy?

Who is Lil Bits baby daddy?

Party Down South star Taylor “Lil Bit” Wright is expecting her first child with boyfriend Dalton Elliott. In a new interview, the former reality star opened up about her pregnancy, and revealed why she left the show ahead of Season 3.

Who was little bit on Party Down South?

Party Down South’s Taylor “Lil Bit” Wright has found herself in trouble once again. Only a few days after her first arrest that week, she was taken into custody once more after taking her two children out of state from Virginia to North Carolina.

Why did little bit Leave Party Down South?

In August 2014, media reports indicated that Taylor “Lil’ Bit” Wright had quit the show. Wright did not show up for the second-season reunion Party Down South: The After Party and all cast members stated she was no longer in contact with them. She cited religion and her pregnancy as why she would not be returning.

What happened to Taylor Lil Bit Wright?

More bad news for CMT’s flagship reality show Party Down South. One of the most popular cast members, Taylor “Lil Bit” Wright, has quit the show due to safety concerns over what transpires in the Party Down South house, and because she feels like the message of the show is in conflict with her religious beliefs.

Did Santana really cheat on Lyle?

See the Heartbreaking Moment Santana Confirms She Cheated on Lyle on “Party Down South” While Bordelon denied anything happened at first, she comes clean in tonight’s all new episode — and the clip is all kinds of heartbreaking. Santana doesn’t have the guts to tell Lyle what happened face to face.

Where is Tiffany from Party Down South?

Tiffany Heinen, 26, lives on an 180-acre farm near Eunice.

How old is little bit from Party Down South?

23-year-old Taylor Wright, known in the house as “Lil Bit,” is a cute, country girl who, despite her petite build, isn’t afraid to stand her ground and make sure her voice is heard.

Is Lyle still with Santana?

Do You Think Lyle and Santana Are Still Together? Yes. No way. Previously on the show, Lyle had expressed to his roommates on the show that Santana’s friendship with someone named Brandon had made him uncomfortable at times, especially when Santana changed his name in her phone.

Who replaced Lil Bit?

Hannah Guidry, aka Hott Dogg, is the new sexy cast member on Party Down South season 3 and she’s bringing the twerking and the sex appeal to the show.

Are Lyle Boudreaux and Santana still together?

Lyle Boudreaux has had to deal with major drama this season on Party Down South after hearing from roommates Tiffany and Lauren that his fiancee Santana Bordelon cheated on him with a guy named Brandon. According to Santana, this never happened.

What is Tiffany’s accent on Party Down South?

Tiffany Heinen, 26, lives on an 180-acre farm near Eunice. She has a decidedly country accent. She likes Cajun and zydeco music with a fondness for Wayne Toups, Geno Delafose and Chris Ardoin.

Did Santana actually cheat on Lyle?

Who is Lil Bit from Party Down South?

Taylor “Lil Bit” Wright — a former star of CMT’s reality show Party Down South — has landed in hot water after fans noticed a gun in the background [see the dresser] of a cute shot she posted of her boyfriend and their one-month-old baby!

Who is Taylor Wright from Party Down South?

‘Party Down South’ Star Taylor Wright Causes a Lil Bit of a Controversy… Rob Kardashian’s Dramatic Weight Loss in Photos: See His Transformation!

Why did Lil Bit keep her gun in her home?

The mom-of-one is defending her decision to keep her weapon in her home, reminding everyone of her second amendment rights. She tells TMZ, “By God I will unload on somebody if they break in and try to hurt me or my family.” Lil Bit and the Party Down South cast!

Where can I watch party down south on CMT?

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