Who is the best singer of Kashmir?

Who is the best singer of Kashmir?

The top artists who have sung Kashmiri songs beautifully are Party, Gulshan, pandit bhajan sopori.

Which famous personality made the primary education compulsory in J&K?

Following the death of his uncle Pratap Singh in 1925, Hari Singh ascended the throne of Jammu and Kashmir. He made primary education compulsory in the state, introduced laws prohibiting child marriage, and opened places of worship to the low castes.

Who was the first freedom fighter of Kashmir?

Muhammad Ibrahim Khan (1915 – 2003), founder and first President of Azad Kashmir.

Why Jammu and Kashmir is famous?

Popularly known as the “Paradise on Earth”, Jammu and Kashmir is world famous for its scenic splendour, snow-capped mountains, plentiful wildlife, exquisite monuments, hospitable people and local handicrafts.

Who is No 1 Kashmiri singer?

Baabarr Hasan aka Baabarr Mudacer is a Kashmiri YouTube Sensation who is garnering praise and acclaim across India for his songs and his selfless works of charity. Being born with an artistic soul is one of the greatest gifts of God.

Who is the best rapper in Kashmir?

Born 1990 (age 30–31) Srinagar, Kashmir
Origin Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir
Genres Rap, Hip hop
Occupation(s) Rapper, Songwriter producer

Who are the most famous people in the world?

From every walks of life, we would have come across the names of Famous Personalities like Dr A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, Albert Einstein, Mary Kom, and more. Because of their hard work and noble endeavour, they had become one of the popular people in the world. They are now streaming as good inspiration for all age group of people.

Who are some famous people who changed the world?

People who changed the world – Famous people who changed the course of history including Socrates, Newton, Jesus Christ, Muhammad, Queen Victoria, Catherine the Great, Einstein and Gandhi.

Who are the most famous people in India?

Notable Indian Personalities – Famous Personalities Quiz Questions Mahatma Gandhi A.R. Rahman Sachin Tendulkar Jawaharlal Nehru Amitabh Bachchan M.S. Dhoni Lal Bahadur Shastri Shah Rukh Khan Azim Premji Ram Mohan Roy Hrithik Roshan Virat Kohli Vallabhbhai Patel Aamir Khan Dhyan Chand

Who are the most influential people in the world?

100 most influential people – A list of 100 most influential people as chosen by Michael H. Hast, from his book 100 most influential people in the world. Includes; Muhammad, Jesus Christ, Lord Buddha, Confucius, St Paul and Johann Gutenberg.