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Who is the family Gabby Douglas stayed with?

Who is the family Gabby Douglas stayed with?

When Douglas turned 14, she left her hometown and family, and moved to West Des Moines, Iowa, to train with renowned coach Liang Chow, known for molding American gymnast Shawn Johnson into a world champion and Olympic gold medalist. Travis and Missy Parton volunteered to be Douglas’ host family in West Des Moines.

Did Gabby Douglas move in with a new family?

In October of 2010, Gabby made the move to Iowa. She moved in with a host family, the Partons, who had a daughter training at Chow’s gym.

Is Gabby Douglas still a gymnast 2021?

Though she won’t be competing in Tokyo – she hasn’t participated in a competition since the 2016 Rio Games – Douglas is still a prominent member of the gymnastics community and international superstar.

Does Gabby Douglas have a baby?

Her natural, girlish beauty has a sophisticated polish. The life of her family has evolved, too. Joined by her elder daughters, Arielle and Joyelle, and son Johnathan, Hawkins moved from Virginia Beach to an elegant home in the San Fernando Valley near Los Angeles, to better manage Gabby’s career.

Why is Gabby Douglas not in Olympics?

Douglas stopped training in 2016 after two successful stints at the Olympic Games. The tweet was in response to her 2016 teammate Aly Raisman who, the week before, had confirmed she was sexually abused by the USA Gymnastics doctor Lawrence G Nassar.

Where did Gabby Douglas live as a child?

Douglas has also written a book about her life and what it takes to be an Olympic gold medalist by determination and perseverance. Gabrielle Douglas was born in Newport News, Virginia and grew up in Virginia Beach, Virginia, to parents Timothy Douglas and Natalie Hawkins-Douglas.

When did Gabby Douglas make her international debut?

Gabby Douglas made her international debut in 2008 at the US Classic in Houston, Texas, where she placed 10th place in the all-around rankings. She went on to compete at the 2008 Visa Championships in Boston, Massachusetts.

Why was Gabby Douglas not on the national team?

Placing 16th in that competition, Douglas was not eligible for the 2008 Junior Women’s National Team. In 2009, Douglas suffered a fracture in the growth plate of her wrist. Due to this injury, she was not able to compete and missed the 2009 Covergirl US Classic.

Why is Gabby Douglas known as the flying squirrel?

Douglas is most well-known for her high-flying release skills on the uneven bars (hence her nickname “The Flying Squirrel”), her resilient demeanor, and her upbeat floor exercise routines. The following routines are those that were performed by Douglas at either an Olympic Games or a World Championships competition.