Who is the little girl in Les Miserables?

Who is the little girl in Les Misérables?

Isabelle Lucy Allen
Isabelle Lucy Allen (born 16 March 2002) is an English stage and screen teen actress known for her role as the young Cosette in the 2012 film adaptation of Les Misérables.

How old is Eponine in Les Mis?

Éponine Thénardier
Born 1815
Died June 5, 1832 (aged 17)
Cause of Death A bullet shot through her hand and out her back (novel) Shot in the chest while climbing over the barricades (musical)
Family Monsieur Thénardier (father) Madame Thénardier (mother) Azelma (sister) Gavroche (brother) Two unnamed younger brothers

Who is Cosette’s real dad?

Jean Valjean

Do Marius and Cosette get married?

Marius and Cosette are married on 16 February 1833, and the wedding day is a happy one. After the wedding, Valjean visits Marius and reveals his past.

Does Marius kiss Cosette?

Marius watches Cosette for a few nights before approaching her. When Cosette and Marius finally meet again in the garden, they confess their mutual love, share their first kiss, and introduce themselves.

Who are the Thenardiers daughters in Les Miserables?

The two similarly-aged daughters of the Thénardiers, Éponine and Azelma play with Cosette at first upon their first meeting and are kind to her. Later, the sisters begin acting cruel towards her, following their parents’ example. They tease her and, at times, ignore her completely.

Who are the main characters in Les Miserables?

The key to his character is his great humanity and compassion. Jean Valjean is a vocally demanding role. JAVERT is the inspector who serves as antagonist to Jean Valjean. Javert is unswerving in his belief that men cannot change for the good.

Who is the evil wife in Les Miserables?

M. Thénardier’s wife. Mme. Thénardier is just as evil as her husband and takes special pleasure in abusing Cosette. In later years, she becomes her husband’s most devoted accomplice and is particularly enthusiastic about his schemes to rob Valjean and Cosette. The Thénardiers’ eldest daughter.

Who was Valjean’s adopted daughter in Les Miserables?

Fantine’s daughter, who lives as Valjean’s adopted daughter after her mother dies. Cosette spends her childhood as a servant for the Thénardiers in Montfermeil, but even this awful experience does not make her hardened or cynical.