Who is the son of Mr Radha?

Who is the son of Mr Radha?

M. R. R. Vasu
Radha RaviRaju
M. R. Radha/Sons
His three sons were M. R. R. Vasu(born to his first wife Saraswati) and Radha Ravi(born to Dhanalakshmi)and M.R. Radharajoo. Radhakrishnan also had seven daughters, including Rashya, Rani, Ganavalli, Kasturi, Rajeswari and two daughters (actresses Radhika and Nirosha) born to Geetha.

Who is father of Radha Ravi?

M. R. Radha
Radha Ravi/Fathers

Radha Ravi was born on 29 July 1952 to the well-known actor M. R. Radha and Dhanalakshmiammal. He has one brother, M. R. R. Vasu, and three sisters, Rashya, Rani and Rathikala.

When did Mr Radha born?

April 14, 1907
M. R. Radha/Date of birth

What is the age of Radha Ravi?

69 years (July 29, 1952)
Radha Ravi/Age

Where was Mr Radha born?

Chennai, India
M. R. Radha/Place of birth

Who are the children of M.R.Radha?

During his tenure as an actor, he had done both villain roles and comedian roles. He had two wives and M.R.R. Vasu, M.R. Radha Rajoo, M. Ganavalli, Radha Ravi, Rashia, Rani and Rathe are his children through his first wife and Raadhika Sarathkumar and Nirosha are his daughters through his second wife.

How old was M.R.Radha when he was released?

Radha was 57 years old and had a large family to take care of, the Court reasoned on May 2, 1969, and reduced his sentence to five years. On April 29, 1971, the DMK government released M.R. Radha one month ahead of the scheduled date. In all, Radha served four years and three months in jail.

How did M.R.Radha become famous in Tamil Nadu?

Radha gained popularity with the success of his stage play Ratha Kanneer. His performance in the 1954 film version of the play, directed by Krishnan-Panju, brought wider recognition of his talents and made him a household name in Tamil Nadu.

Why did M.R.Radha go to Supreme Court?

M.R. Radha was apprehensive that the newly-elected DMK government would exert influence and deny him fair trial. He approached the Supreme Court to transfer the case to a court outside Madras State.