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Who is the winner of American Idol for 2021?

Who is the winner of American Idol for 2021?

Chayce Beckham
Chayce Beckham Is the Winner of ‘American Idol’ 2021 – Chayce Beckham Is Who Won ‘American Idol’ 2021.

Who won the American Idol title last night?

And at the end of the night, the 19th “American Idol” winner was … Chayce Beckham! Beckham’s triumph has a rags-to-riches quality about it. The 24-year-old, gritty-voiced country singer has been a heavy machinery operator in his hometown of Apple Valley in California’s San Bernardino County.

Who won American Idol in 2022?

On Sunday night, the long-running competition series crowned 24-year-old Chayce Beckham the champion of Season 19.

Who were the top 3 on American Idol 2021?

The top three finalists – Grace Kinstler, Chayce Beckham, and Willie Spence – will take the stage one last time to perform in hopes of securing America’s vote and, ultimately, become this season’s winner.

Who are the winners of each season of American Idol?

While alums Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson have opted for the spinning chairs of rival The Voice on NBC, as host Ryan Seacrest would say, there’s only one American Idol . Check out the complete list of every season’s winner below.

Who was the youngest person to win American Idol?

Jordin Sparks (age 17 on the show) is from Glendale, Arizona and auditioned in Seattle, WA. With her victory, Jordin became the youngest winner to date. Jordin’s winning song was “This is My Now.”

When did the first season of American Idol start?

Tour our photos below to see who won each season of “American Idol” through the years. The 25 best songs about America. “American Idol” debuted in 2002 during the reality TV boom and ran for 15 seasons on Fox. It moved to new home ABC in 2018.

How old was Taylor Hicks when he won American Idol?

Taylor Hicks (age 29 on the show) is from Birmingham, Alabama and performed “A Change Is Gonna Come” by Sam Cooke at his original audition in Las Vegas. Taylor’s winning song was “Do I Make You Proud.” He is one of the few winners in “American Idol” history to never be in the bottom three.