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Who is Thierry Ardisson and what does he do?

Who is Thierry Ardisson and what does he do?

Thierry Ardisson ( French pronunciation: ​ [tiʁi aʁdisɔ̃]; born 6 January 1949 in Bourganeuf, Creuse ), is a French television producer and host and a movie producer. Many of his shows have some of the longest run times on French television, such as Paris Dernière, Tout le monde en parle, and On a tout essayé.

When did Thierry Ardisson start scoop a La Une?

In 1985, Ardisson adapted his press interviews (called Descente de police) for the French TV network TF1, but the concept – too brutal and provocative – got censored by French media authorities. TF1 kept him to host the show Scoop à la une.

Who was the host of Double Jeu with Thierry Ardisson?

Afterwards, Ardisson hosted the show Télé Zèbre, which introduced two famous French comedians: Yvan Le Bolloc’h and Bruno Solo. From 1991 to 1992, he hosted the late-night game show Double jeu with Laurent Baffie, a show that was also considered too provocative and was canceled by TV network Antenne 2 in early 1993.

When did Thierry Ardisson make his first movie?

In 2012, Ardisson produced his first feature film, Max, directed by Stephanie Murat with Joey Starr and Mathilde Seigner, and distributed by Warner Bros. In 2013, Ardisson began producing a second feature film, The Gift, directed by Jean-Paul Rouve and starred Michel Blanc, Annie Cordy, Chantal Lauby and Audrey Lamy.

Who is Thierry Lepercq and what does he do?

Mr. Lepercq specializes in structuring of partnerships with upstream, midstream and downstream value chain partners, as well as the design of technical and financial models to set up financial and industrial consortiums. Prior to Soladvent, Mr. Lepercq served as Executive Vice President of ENGIE SA since May 05, 2016.

When did Thierry Lepercq start Solairedirect SA?

Lepercq co-founded Solairedirect SA in 2006 and served as its Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President. From 1994 to 1999, he was with Oddo et Cie, an investment bank for young information technology (IT) companies.