Who was number 28 on the Giants?

Who was number 28 on the Giants?

Devontae Booker

Player # HT
Reggie Ragland 55 6-2
John Ross 12 5-11
Devontae Booker 28 5-11
Mike Glennon 2 6-7

What was Willie Mays number?

24San Francisco Giants / Center fielder
24New York Mets / Center fielder24New York Giants / Center fielder
Willie Mays/Number
In 1954 Mays wore 24, the number he made famous. He wore 24 for the remainder of his career, even with the Mets in 1972 and 1973.

Who is number 3 on the New York Giants?

Sterling Shepard
New York Giants Roster

Name: Pos: Age*:
19 Kenny Golladay WR 28
3 Sterling Shepard WR 28
86 Darius Slayton WR 24
89 Kadarius Toney WR 22

Who wears number 1 on the Giants?

Ray Flaherty
New York Giants Retired Jersey Numbers

Jersey # Name Years with Team
1* Ray Flaherty 1928-1929, 1931-1935
4 Tuffy Leemans 1936-1943
7 Mel Hein 1931-1945
10 Eli Manning 2004-2019

Why did Willie Mays wear 24?

His son became the highest-paid player in baseball history with the six-year deal completed Tuesday after more than two days of legal wrangling. Both Bonds said Mays was allowing Barry to resurrect No. 24 as a gift to his godson.

How old is Willie Mays right now?

90 years (May 6, 1931)
Willie Mays/Age

According to Forbes, Mays is Baseball’s oldest living Hall of Famer. At 90 years old, Mays is still alive and appears to be doing quite well.

Who wore number 25 for the New York Giants?

25, last worn by Corey Ballentine. Among the more recent and well-known Giants defensive backs to wear No. 25 include 2001 first-rounder Will Allen and Super Bowl hero R.W.

Who wore number 31 for the New York Giants?

Jason Sehorn
31, last worn by running back Devonta Freeman. Some other recognizable names who have worn the jersey for the Giants include cornerback Aaron Ross and safety Michael Thomas. No. 31 was also famously worn by Super Bowl XXXV defensive back Jason Sehorn.

Who is number 69 on the Giants?

Billy Price

Player No Weight
Billy Price 69 310
Reggie Ragland 55 252
Quincy Roche 95 243
John Ross 12 190

Who is number 98 on the Giants?

Jessie Armstead
Share All sharing options for: Giants By The Numbers: 98 Is For Jessie Armstead. The last great linebacker drafted by our New York Giants, a team with a proud linebacker tradition rivaled probably only by the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Who wears number 21 in the MLB?

Roberto Clemente
21 to honor Roberto Clemente on Sept. 15, and this time it will be in front of fans. MLB has extended the honor to all uniformed personnel of Puerto Rican descent this year for the 20th annual Roberto Clemente Day.

Who wears number 22 in MLB?

Clayton Kershaw
22: Clayton Kershaw. Los Angeles Dodgers southpaw pitcher Clayton Kershaw has already dominated the National League with his pitching exploits at the age of 24.