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Who won the Darts tonight in Blackpool?

Who won the Darts tonight in Blackpool?

Jose De Sousa marked his Blackpool bow with a crushing 10-2 victory over Gabriel Clemens, who was unable to make any impression against the imperious ‘Man O’Scores’ in Sunday’s finale.

Who won Darts at Blackpool 2021?

However he was defeated by Peter Wright 18–9 in the final. Wright won his first World Matchplay, and became the fifth player to win both the PDC World Championship and the World Matchplay….2021 World Matchplay.

2021 Betfred World Matchplay
Tournament information
Dates 17–25 July 2021
Venue Winter Gardens
Location Blackpool

Who won tonights Darts?

Dimitri Van den Bergh battled back from 4-0 down to win his second ProTour title of 2021 with an 8-5 defeat of Adrian Lewis in Tuesday’s Players Championship 24 final.

Who won the World Match Play Darts?

Peter Wright
Peter Wright is the current champion after winning the 2021 edition….World Matchplay finals.

Champion (average in final) Peter Wright (105.90)
Score 18–9
Runner-up (average in final) Dimitri Van den Bergh (100.88)
Prize money Total £700,000
Champion £150,000

Who is Peter Wright’s wife?

Joanne Wright
Peter Wright/Wife

It took his wife Joanne to persuade Wright to restart his professional career after they had been watching the Grand Slam of Darts and Wright said that he had beaten some of the players that were playing in the event.

What channel is World Matchplay Darts on tonight?

Sky Sports
Darts is back on Sky Sports in September when all four days of the World Cup of Darts get underway on September 9. Results from the 2021 World Matchplay where Peter Wright claimed the title for the first time in his career.

What was the prize money for the Darts last night?

Winner: £500,000 ($659,100 USD/$872,095 CAD) Runner-up: £200,000 ($263,036 USD/$347,513 CAD) Semifinal: £100,000 ($131,518 USD/$173,756 CAD)

How long was the longest darts match?

The longest marathon darts playing (singles) is 58 hr 48 min 18 sec, achieved by Kevin Bryan and…

How old is Peter Wright darts player?

51 years (March 10, 1970)
Peter Wright/Age