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Who won the WCW title last Nitro March 26 2001?

Who won the WCW title last Nitro March 26 2001?

Booker T defeated Scott Steiner with the Book End to win the title at 5:11 after avoiding a powerbomb attempt; retaining the WCW United States Championship and capturing the WCW World Heavyweight Championship.

How long was Monday Nitro?

Initially only sixty minutes in length (as was Raw at the time), Nitro was expanded to two hours following the 1996 NBA Playoffs while Raw waited until February 1997 to expand to a second hour.

When was the last episode of WCW Nitro?

March 26, 2001
WCW Monday Nitro/Final episode date
On March 23rd of that year, it was announced that WWF had purchased WCW for a reported $4.2 million, killing the ‘Monday Night Wars’ once and for all. On March 26th, 2001, twenty years ago today, WCW aired their last ever broadcast – ‘WCW Nitro: Night of Champions’.

When did Nitro go to 2 hours?

WCW’s success even begat rumors of a WWF financial collapse after WCW’s “Nitro” scored ratings as high as a 7 during a two-year reign atop the cable charts. The program expanded to two hours in May 1996 and grew to three hours in January 1997.

How much did WWE pay for WCW?

As a result, AOL Time Warner sold the trademarks for WCW’s name and logo to the WWF for $2.5 million, in 2001. Shortly after the purchase, Vince McMahon purchased the entire WCW videotape library for an additional $1.7 million, bringing the final tally of World Championship Wrestling’s sale to $4.2 million.

What killed WCW?

The merger of AOL/Time Warner was the biggest factor in killing WCW. When the AOL merger happened, Ted Turner was no longer in charge of his TV companies anymore. Eric Bischoff admits that he thought he would always have Ted Turner as his back-up.

Is WCW Nitro on peacock?

Say Hello to Peacock! The wildly entertaining new streaming service for watching WCW Monday Nitro. Watch today!

Did WWE really buy WCW?

2 wrestling company at the time, it was still a very intriguing idea. However, that Monday morning was off to a memorable beginning with some shocking news. WWE had purchased WCW.

Why didn’t Eric Bischoff buy WCW?

Eric Bischoff lost his financial backing when it was cancelled. He was prepared to pay a lot more for WCW than Vince McMahon did. AOL/Time-Warner just wanted to get rid of WCW and the quickest way was to cancel the TV programming. Vince McMahon bought it with the plan to run it as a separate company.

Why did WCW shut down?

Eventually, WCW became its own worst enemy. Their level of success resulted in creative and financial mismanagement. The power struggles between executives and talent combined with WWE’s introduction of its Attitude Era led to WCW’s demise.