Why did Kumud not tell her family about Saraswatichandra?

Why did Kumud not tell her family about Saraswatichandra?

Kumud does not tell her family about Saraswatichandra’s letter. Vidyachatur and the rest of the family accompany her to the cyber cafe to video chat with Saraswatichandra. Everyone gets to see Saraswatichandra’s face except Kumud. Kumud refuses to show her face to Saraswatichandra because he had insulted her family by rejecting her.

Who is the step mother of Saraswati Chandra?

Saraswati Chandra’s step mother, Ghuman becomes unhappy due to the announcement. Meanwhile, Kumud dives into the pond in search of a pearl gifted by her father. However, she refuses to marry Saraswati Chandra. Saraswati Chandra becomes upset with Laxminandan’s announcement of his marriage. He refuses to marry Kumud.

How is Kumud going to become Laxminandan’s daughter in law?

Vidyachatur tells Saraswatichandra that he is glad that Kumud is going to become Laxminandan and Saraswati’s daughter-in-law. Kumud sends Kusum to serve tea to Saraswatichandra on the terrace. However, Saraswatichandra vows not to leave without meeting Kumud.

How did Badi Maa save Saraswatichandra from drowning?

Saraswatichandra has a flashback of his mother’s suicide attempt in the same lake. He almost drowns in the lake. Badi maa rescues him. She scolds Kumud for provoking Saraswatichandra and asks her to apologise to him. Kumud feels guilty on learning about Saraswati’s suicide.

Why did Ghuman call Saraswatichandra from Sunny’s phone?

Ghuman calls Saraswatichandra from Sunny’s phone. Saraswatichandra mistakes her for Sunny and informs her about the happenings. He recalls about his mother and shares the same with Dugba. Kumud feels guilty for hurting Saraswatichandra’s emotions and apologises to him repeatedly.

How did Ghuman get rid of Saraswati Chandra?

Meanwhile, Ghuman plans to get rid of Saraswati Chandra, so that her son, Danny, can take over Laxminandan’s wealth. Saraswati Chandra writes a letter to Kumud without Laxminandan’s knowledge. Ghuman receives the receipt of his letter, but she hides it from Laxminandan.