Why did Theory of a Deadman change their name?

Why did Theory of a Deadman change their name?

With the release of the new album, the band decided to undergo a name change, shortening it to Theory. The group cited that discussions involving the name of their band with people who are unfamiliar with their music was challenging.

Who is the singer of Theory of a Deadman?

Tyler Connolly
Tyler Connolly, frontman of Theory of a Deadman, has Kroeger to thank for just about everything.

Is Theory of a Deadman Nickelback?

Theory of a Deadman were both helped and hindered by their connection to their fellow Canadian rockers, Nickelback. Like Nickelback, whose Chad Kroeger signed the band to a label deal at the beginning of the 21st century, Theory of a Deadman play hard rock that emphasizes a man’s-man grittiness.

Is Theory of a Deadman good?

Theory Of A Deadman are a four-piece Canadian rock-pop band consisting of Tyler Connolly, Dave Brenner, Dean Back, and Joey Dandeneau. They are best known for their hit song, “Hate My Life”, which was released in 2008….It’s All Good.

1 Black Hole In Your Heart 3:34
8 Quicksand 3:00
9 White Boy 4:10
10 It’s All Good 2:33

Why did Theory of a Deadman sounds like Nickelback?

As the first band to sign with Chad Kroeger’s label 604 Records, Theory of a Deadman emerged with a self-titled debut that sounded so much like Nickelback that people actually thought it was a Chad Kroeger’s side project. The single was moderately successful, and the band had latched on to their niche.

Who writes Theory of a Deadman songs?

All lyrics are written by Tyler Connolly and Chad Kroeger; all music is composed by Theory of a Deadman.

Does Nickelback sing bad girlfriend?

“Bad Girlfriend” is a song by Canadian rock band Theory of a Deadman and is the second single from their third studio album Scars & Souvenirs (2008)….Bad Girlfriend.

“Bad Girlfriend”
Length 3:25
Label Roadrunner 604
Songwriter(s) Tyler Connolly Dave Brenner Dean Back Christine Danielle Connolly
Producer(s) Howard Benson

How old is Tyler from Theory of a Deadman?

46 years (August 26, 1975)
Tyler Connolly/Age