Why did they replace Helen in Drake and Josh?

Why did they replace Helen in Drake and Josh?

They decided to “recast” Helen– instead of have someone else play Helen’s cousin or sister–because they thought I wouldn’t be available ever again. By the time they wrote a third episode for Helen, “The Big House” had ended its 6-episode run and I was available again. I played Helen in every episode after that.”

Why is Helen different in little diva?

This is the only episode Helen is played by a different actress, Frances Callier, replacing Yvette Nicole Brown, because she was busy filming The Big House.

What show says that is not my job?

During the first year, Chico used the catch phrase “That’s not my job”, which Freddie Prinze had used in his stand up act. Some people complained this perpetuated the image of the lazy Hispanic, so he switched to the catchphrase “Looking Good”. The series was originally developed for Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong.

Who said that is not my job?

Characters. Georgia: most likely the main character on the show, famous for her catchphrase, “That is not my job”.

Did they replace Helen in Drake and Josh?

Frances Callier is an actress that replaced Yvette Nicole Brown as Helen on the episode Little Diva….

Frances Callier
Gender: Female
Character: Helen Dubois
Occupation: American Actress

Who replaced Helen Drake and Josh?

Frances Callier
She also had a recurring role as movie theater manager Helen Dubois in the Nickelodeon sitcom Drake & Josh. Frances Callier replaced Brown as Helen for one episode. Brown reprised the role in the season 2 episode of Victorious titled “Helen Back Again”.

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What’s better Drake and Josh or iCarly?

Though both featured very different storylines and supporting characters, they each juggled the same type of humor, making for some more wacky and zany situations. While Drake and Josh is typically hailed as the better of the two shows, iCarly still brought a lot to the table as far as Teen Nick shows go.

Is Helen in Victorious?

Appearances. Her first and only appearance on Victorious was in the episode Helen Back Again. Dan Schneider said she would be a recurring character but she did not appear again after her initial appearance.

Why did Nicole Brown leave community?

In 2009, Brown began starring as Shirley Bennett on the comedy series Community. On September 30, 2014, Brown announced that she would be leaving the show after five seasons in order to take care of her ailing father. It was a difficult decision for me to make, but I had to choose my dad.”

Why does Helen not say I Hate you to Josh?

However, Helen doesn’t say “I hate you” to Josh as Mrs. Hayfer often does to Drake. Despite her usual fondness of Drake over Josh, she is forced to let Drake go at the end of the episode Movie Job due to his poor work ethic and general incompetence.

Why did Helen run to Josh’s rescue in Drake and Josh?

When Josh mentions Drake was in trouble in The Drake & Josh Inn, she runs to rescue him, showing the gap between how she treats Drake nicely. Helen gives all the credit to Drake and mistreats Josh like always.

Why was Helen forced to let Drake go?

Despite her usual fondness of Drake over Josh, she is forced to let Drake go at the end of the episode Movie Job due to his poor work ethic and general incompetence. However, this doesn’t affect their relationship, and she continues to show affection towards Drake even after his firing.

Who was Helen Dubois married to on Drake and Josh?

She was briefly married to Buzz Baxter in Really Big Shrimp but as of Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh, the marriage ended. After the events of Drake & Josh, she became the new principal at Hollywood Arts in Dan Schneider ‘s show Victorious. She later get her own talk show called “The Helen Show” .