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Why do I have to pay for a BT engineer?

Why do I have to pay for a BT engineer?

You’ll be charged if the problem is caused by things like: Interference from something else in your home, like your phone, alarm system, or a faulty microfilter. A faulty BT Hub that’s out of warranty (your Hub is in warranty if you’re in contract) Damage caused by damp, flood, fire, or building work.

What does BT engineer do?

The engineer will come into your home and disconnect your old hub, so you will briefly be without broadband. They will fit a new faceplate on your master phone socket, which is where the broadband cable comes into your house. When positioning your hub, the engineer may need to install new cabling.

How long does it take BT to fix a line fault?

Under the new rules, BT must complete around 80% of fault repairs within one to two working days of being notified and provide an appointment for around 80% of new line installations within 12 working days. The target will be gradually introduced over three years, Ofcom said.

How do I track my BT engineer appointment?

You can check (and usually change) the time and date of your engineer’s visit by going to Track an order – you’ll just need your order reference number and postcode. If you can’t change it online, you’ll need to get in touch and we’ll reschedule your appointment.

Does BT charge for engineer call out?

There’s no charge for most engineer visits. So, if an engineer is already visiting your premises to carry out some work, there wouldn’t be a cost. There may be a charge if an engineer is called out to fix a fault that you could fix yourself, like a fault with your phone equipment.

Does BT charge to replace Home Hub?

They sell it to you. But so long as you stay with BT, they don’t charge you and after 12 months they write off the cost. That means that once it’s out of warranty, then it’s your problem if it goes wrong.

Is a BT engineer a good job?

BT is a very repuatable company and also good to work there. ive been in the same company 19 years . it has a solid and secure reputation . it teaches you to work as a team .

How long does a BT engineer take?

BT installation and activation times BT Broadband requires approximately two weeks lead time to set up broadband. It can be less if you have a landline, but if you need a landline installed as well as broadband, it could take around two to three weeks to arrange an engineer.

Do BT Openreach call customers?

Openreach confirmed the scam on social media and advised customers that: “Openreach would never contact you directly, nor would we ask for personal details or remote access to your router.” It also advised anyone who has received a call to hang up immediately and report the incident to Action Fraud.

Is BT engineer visit free?

How much is BT call out charge?

Can I get a free router from BT?

BT is the UK’s biggest broadband provider and, like other providers, will give you a free router if you sign up to one of its broadband deals. Your router is the device that connects you to the wider world and the gatekeeper that stops outside threats from getting into your home network.

Do you have to pay for a BT engineer visit?

Its actually Openreach that raise the charge, which applies to all service providers, and not just BT. It covers the cost of the Openreach technicians time, travel costs etc, much the same as if you called out someone to fix a washing machine. There is a guide on this page which tell you when you are likely to be charged for a visit.

What are the one off charges for BT?

One-off charges could include: Connection charge – £140 including VAT. The connection charge covers work an engineer has done to connect your line. You have to pay the charge whether an engineer had to visit your home or not, as they would have carried out some work elsewhere.

How much does it cost to have an engineer visit?

Engineer Visit Charge – £130 including VAT. We charge this if an engineer calls out to your property to complete work. For example, moving your main socket to another location within the same building Engineer Home Improvement Service charge – £85 including VAT.

What’s the charge for a BT master socket?

Master socket faulty – Charge for Engineer visit. Master socket faulty – Charge for Engineer visit. Not a happy customer There are times when dealing with BT feels like shouting into the wind.