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Why does no one play Xerath?

Why does no one play Xerath?

Because they are playing Ziggs. When Ziggs gets nerfed enough to stop being the #1 mid, Xerath will take his place and Xerath will get nerfed as well(Riot have confirmed they are aware of how strong he is right now regardless of his popularity).

Which Xerath skin is the best?

The best Xerath skins in League of Legends

  • Dark Star Xerath. Image via Riot Games. Part of the popular Dark Star skin line, Dark Star Xerath grants the champion a complete redesign to suit the cosmic-inspired theme.
  • Guardian of the Sands Xerath. Image via Riot Games.
  • Scorched Earth Xerath. Image via Riot Games.

What is Xerath made of?

“A lifetime as a slave has prepared me for eternity as your master.” Xerath is an Ascended Magus of ancient Shurima, a being of arcane energy writhing in the broken shards of a magical sarcophagus.

How many skins does ziggs have?

9 skins
Ziggs has 9 skins (10 including classic).

Did Xerath destroy Shurima?

But the power of the ritual was not his to take, and the consequences of his betrayal of Azir were devastating. The unbound power of the sun all but destroyed Shurima, sundering its temples and bringing ruination upon the city.

Is Xerath good now?

Xerath is an extremely safe mid, and has very few counters.. someone who can rush through an entire minion wave and dodge his skills, like Akali or Fizz. His problem is that he’s very underwhelming when behind. In any case I consider myself an average Xerath player and he does well in mid-diamond.

What is the best ziggs skin?

Lol Best Ziggs Skins – All Ziggs Skins Ranked Good to Best

  • Major Ziggs. Major Ziggs in all his glory.
  • Snow Day Ziggs. Merry Christmas!
  • Odyssey Ziggs. Literally space Ziggs.
  • Mad Scientist Ziggs. “It’s exploding, it’s exploding.” –
  • Pool Party Ziggs. Dive bomb.
  • Master Arcanist Ziggs.
  • Battle Boss Ziggs.