Why is it called Grand Corps Malade?

Why is it called Grand Corps Malade?

A diving accident suffered on his 20th birthday left Marsaud permanently disabled, inspiring the Grand Corps Malade moniker — roughly translated, the name means “Large Sick Body” — and forcing upon him the omnipresent crutch that would become a signature element of his stage act.

Where is Grand Corps Malade from?

Le Blanc-Mesnil, France
Grand Corps Malade/Place of birth

How tall is Grand Corps Malade?

6′ 3″
Grand Corps Malade/Height

What is Slam Music French?

The slam is a format of the scenic poetry of competition in which the participants or “slammers” have 3 minutes of time to present texts of own authorship to an audience, that is who decides the winner, using only his body and his voice.

When did Grand Corps Malade become famous in France?

Grand Corps Malade gained more fame in slam circles in 2005 through appearances at Reservoir, a club that featured upcoming artists like Jamel Comedy Club. He opened for Cheb Mami at Stade de France, and for Mouss and Hakim at the “Boule Noire”. That same year, his friend S Petit Nico offered to make a musical track to accompany his poetry.

When is the release date for Grand Corps Malade?

On 19 June 2020, Grand Corps Malade released the lead single from his upcoming 7th album: “Mais je t’aime” (But I love you), a duet with Camille Lellouche. Mesdames, a tribute to women, was released on 11 September.

When did Grand Corps Malade become a slam artist?

The same year, on 23 October, he made his first appearance as a slam artist in a bar at the Place de Clichy, Paris, where he recited his first artistic piece titled “Cassiopée”. Choosing the alias Grand Corps Malade, he took part in many slam events with Collectif 129H and John Pucc’Chocolat.

Why was Dorothee called Grand Cerveau Malade?

In 2010, French singer Dorothée in her show at l’Olympia in Paris introduced her song “Valise 2010”, a slam, by giving her songwriter and friend Jean-Luc Azoulay the nickname “Grand Cerveau Malade” in reference to Grand Corps Malade.