Are 2013 CRF250L fuel injected?

Are 2013 CRF250L fuel injected?

The bike’s liquid-cooled, dohc, four-valve, 249cc Single features Honda’s proprietary Programmable Fuel Injection (PGM-FI), a gear-driven counterbalancer and a very compact cylinder head that utilizes a compact roller-rocker-arm design for reduced valvetrain friction.

Is the CRF250L reliable?

Just as well that the gearbox is typical honda slick. So far so good but only covered around 500 miles in 2 months….

Summary of owners’ reviews
Engine: 4.4 out of 5 (4.4/5)
Reliability & build quality: 4.6 out of 5 (4.6/5)
Value vs rivals: 4.8 out of 5 (4.8/5)

How much HP can you get out of a CRF250L?


2012 – 2016 L (2017 – 2020)
Ignition Computer-controlled digital transistorized with electronic advance
Power 22.8 hp (17.0 kW) 24.4 hp (18.2 kW) @ 8,500 rpm
Torque 16.2 lb⋅ft (22.0 N⋅m) 16.7 lbf⋅ft (22.6 N⋅m) @ 6,750 rpm
Transmission Wet multiplate hydraulic, constant mesh 6-speed, chain 14T/40T

Is the Honda CRF250L discontinued?

CRF250L and CRF250RALLY discontinued CRF250L and CRF250RALLY discontinued Temporary production discontinued due to changes in lighting standards End of production is May 2020 There is a significant announcement about the successor model Although production stops, there is a successor model Therefore…

What does the L stand for in CRF250L?

Honda’s whole CRF line is one of lightweight, capable dirt and motocross bikes, and the “L” designation means it’s street legal: LED lights and all. The L has a more comfortable seat and seating position than its dirt-dedicated brethren, since Honda knows you’ll probably be on these bikes longer.

Where is the Honda 250l made?

CRF250L/CRF300L In April 2012, the completely redesigned dual-purpose CRF250L was launched in Japan. It shares a liquid-cooled 249 cc 4-stroke DOHC single-cylinder EFI engine with the CBR250R. It is manufactured in Thailand.

Are Honda CRF reliable?

Still, the overall verdict is that if you handle the expected maintenance and address your Honda CRF450 problems as they arise rather than leaving them and allowing them to become bigger issues, this is a bike that’s widely respected for its durability as well as reliability.

Is the Honda CRF250L rally street-legal?

Newly named for 2021, Honda’s CRF300L and CRF300L Rally are the company’s smallest street-legal CRF models. Based on Honda’s CRF250L series, the dual-sport models now feature larger engines with more torque, while reducing weight and improving balance for better off-road performance.

Which dual sport motorcycle is best?

The Best Dual Sport Motorcycles For Sale In 2020

  • KTM 500 EXC-F. The highest-displacement street-legal KTM dirt bike you can buy is the 500 EXC-F.
  • Beta 500 RR-S.
  • KTM 500 EXC-F Six Days.
  • Honda CRF450L.
  • Beta 430 RR-S.
  • Beta 390 RR-S.
  • KTM 350 EXC-F.
  • Husqvarna FE 350s.

How much is a 2021 CRF250L?

MSRP on the 2021 CRF250L is ¥599,500 ($5,724), and ¥741,400 ($7,079) for the Rally….Gallery: 2021 Honda CRF250L and CRF250L Rally.

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Where is the Honda CRF250L made?