Best Digital Libraries That You Can Use

The world has gone digital. From our shopping sprees to financial matters; everything is majorly dealt with online. Just like that, even the libraries have gone digital. It has made it easy for people who do wish to go to libraries but are never able to step out. And now they don’t have to!

The digital libraries can be accessed from wherever you are and without any hassle. But, which ones are the best and contain every possible genre, you may ask? We have got the answer right here. So whether you are conducting research, or are just an avid reader, we have put up a list of all the best digital libraries available and you can get on using them.

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What are the best digital libraries that you can use? Let’s dive in, shall we?

1.      World Digital Library

The World Digital Library was established in 2009, and its collection of manuscripts or even rare books, and other items dates as far back as 8,000 BC. More than 19,000 publications from more than 190 nations are included in the collection. The books are accessible to anyone for no cost. You might want to look at the available collection of rare books depending on your interests. Additionally, you have the choice to search by location, subject, decade, language, or institution.

2.      Wiley Online Library

More than 1,600 journals, hundreds of reference materials, and 22,000 online books are available at Wiley Online Library. The majority of resources are comprehensive and science-focused. Finding reliable sources can be challenging, whether you’re researching for an essay, white paper, or science project. The Wiley Online Library is helpful in every situation that requires you to go through books and any pieces of literature.

3.      Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is the biggest digital library ever built, with over 32 million ebooks. Although the ebooks are arranged by category, you may also perform a search by author, collection, topic, or publishing year. Its library also features millions of films, audio files, and software applications in addition to the free ebooks. There are 591 billion web pages in total. The Internet Archive can be compared to a digital time machine since several of the pieces in its collection are unique and date back to the 1990s.

4.      Bookbub

A specific free ebooks area of Bookbub directs you to a sizable digital library with free books you may download. You’re likely to discover a new read whenever you explore, thanks to its constantly changing selection. You can further filter out the books that Bookbub displays once you click on the free ebooks tab. You can select the category, focusing on one or more, the merchant, and the collections.

5.      Baen Free Library

Since its digital collection specializes in science fiction and fantasy books, Baen Free Library is a little more specialized. So, if that’s your cup of tea, stop searching. A wide selection of ebooks is available in the digital library for free download or online reading. The ebooks are available in common file types, including MOBI, PDF, and any others that are compatible with the eReader of your choice. The ebook can also be sent through email to any address of your choosing.

6.      Smashwords

A center for independent authors, Smashwords is where you can search for recently published books. You have the option of downloading or reading the ebooks online. Each ebook often offers many download options, including the two most popular ones: PDF and EPUB. Other digital libraries make sure you can access classics, while Smashwords takes the opposite tack.

7.      Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg, which was founded in 1971, intends to digitally preserve books and other works of culture. Today, you may download or read online more than 60,000 free ebooks from it. The finest aspect is that you can access the titles in its collection without a computer. Users have the option of limiting their search by title, author, popularity, language, and file type. Additionally, they have the option to search by keyword or category, including audiobooks, images, and music.

If you wish on improving your other languages, then this digital library would be perfect for you. Although most ebooks are available in English, you can get some in Navajo, Ancient Greek, Mayan languages, or Arabic as well.

Wrapping Up

And there you have it; our best picks of digital libraries. So get one that fits your needs the best and enjoy access to unlimited titles from home.