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Finding the best hair color according to your skin tone

Finding the best hair color according to your skin tone

Coloring our hair according to our skin tone might be confusing for some people out there. When it comes to choosing a hair color, most of the time we are under the confusion that which color will suit us the most.

Whether to choose the color according to our skin tone or just dye our hair with the color we like. As far as our skin tone or complexion is concerned, the hair color we choose can either be warm or cool. Often people visiting a professional salon want a hair color that they have seen on a model or even an actress be it a burgundy on natural hair or blonde.

The problem is not the coloring of their hair but understanding the fact if the color is going to match their skin tone or not. If you have cool toned skin, then red, pink and blue are its undertones. Whereas, on the other hand, if you have warm toned skin, then yellow, golden and peach will be its undertones. It is not a problem if you have no idea of which tone you are.

A wrist rest is an easy test to find out which tone you are. Just turn your wrist over and simply look at the color of your veins. If the color of your veins is blue or purple, then you are most likely cool toned. Green or yellow veins would mean that your skin is warm-toned.

Shades to choose

Many of you must have heard about a golden rule where it is said that you should choose the shade of your hair color which is the opposite of your skin tone. But this is not always true. Salon professionals will suggest that you should choose a shade that will bring you confidence and at the same time respects your complexion. A blonde or ammonia free burgundy hair color may not suit everyone. So, here is a list of suggestion of colors you should choose for your skin tone.

  1. If you have fair skin with cool undertones, select a cool blonde shade that is very light like the platinum or the baby blonde. Avoid gold, copper or caramel shades which might make your hair look more unnatural. If you are taking into consideration deeper hues then go for dark red violets and jewel-toned colors like a true red, jet blue or black or dark deep brown.
  2. Having fair skin with warm undertones then you can go for copper red, butterscotch, golden blonde, rust, strawberry or caramel toned hues. It is best to bring out the warmth of your skin. Avoid shades which are overly blue or violet if you have fair skin with warm undertones. A shade which is too black would appear too harsh against this type of skin tone.
  3. For deep skin with a cool undertone, you can try out the black shades.
  4. For deep skin with warm undertones, consider caramel or toffee shades. Warm blacks also work best in this type of skin.