Are Chaos Cultists worth it?

Are Chaos Cultists worth it?

While there are lots of great ways to use Chaos Cultists now, they do have some drawbacks. Overall, Chaos Cultists are a pretty amazing unit now in Chaos Space Marines. There are lots of different ways to utilize them which makes them easily the best Troops unit in the codex.

What is the best Chaos Space Marine army?

40k: The Dirty (Baker’s) Dozen – Top 13 Chaos Space Marine Units

  • Chaos Cultists.
  • Plague Marines.
  • Chaos Bikers.
  • Chaos Spawn.
  • Heldrake.
  • Havocs.
  • Obliterators. These guys were cool before and now even cooler!
  • Forgefiend. The Forgefiend is a cool bit of kit and is the daemon engine form of Havocs and the Predator.

Where do you get Chaos Cultists?

the Imperium
The Chaos Cultists can be found almost anywhere the Imperium has spread. At first glance they are indistinguishable from normal men, but under their clothes, the flesh is tattooed and branded with sigils that hurt the eyes of any faithful who look upon them.

Is khorne a good army?

Khorne Daemons are a finesse army. This fact may anger Skarbrand, but it’s true. There are armies in the game that can deploy without much worry, take a beating, and deliver a strong counter-punch. Khorne Daemons, as a mono-faction, lack certain things that are generally required to consistently win games of 40K.

What are Chaos Cultists good for?

Pete: Chaos Cultists are that low-cost, ever-useful and disposable unit that are great for holding those backfield objectives or just soaking up the fire that would otherwise have been directed at your more valuable units.

Can you mix Chaos armies?

4 Answers. It is perfectly legal to use Necrons with Chaos Space maines so long as you obey all the necessary allies rules. Allied detachments work with your army with varying amounts of efficiency.

What does each mark of chaos do?

As of this edition, they simply change the faction on the datasheets of the model/unit to that god (most ‘cult’ unit, like Berserkers, Noise Marines, Plague Marines, or Rubric Marines, already have an aligned chaos deity, and cannot change that dedication).

Do cultists get hateful assault?

Hateful Assault Units with this rule — basically everything except for Cultists — get +1 Attack in any turn in which they charge, were charged, or heroically intervened.

Can Death Guard take cultists?

When you’re building a Death Guard Detachment you can’t have more units of Plague Followers (Poxwalkers or Cultists) than BUBONIC ASTARTES CORE INFANTRY, i.e. Plague Marines, Blightlords, Deathshrouds, and Possessed.

Do night lords use cultists?

The main thrust of my Night Lords collection is going to be Heresy-era Marines. Second, the Night Lords novels introduce some fantastic Legion-serf characters who are great inspiration for Cultist conversions. …

Which Bloodthirster is best?

The best bloodthirster is a winged demon prince with skullreaver. But if you really want to run a bloodthirster i would run the wrath of khorne, because its one of the cheaper versions, his WS stays the same, his decreasing BS doesnt matter for his hellfire weapon, and he has the relentless hunter rule.

What is khorne the god of?

Khorne, also called the Blood God and the Lord of Skulls, is the Chaos God of blood, war and murder. Its domain covers the most basic and brutal of sentient emotions and actions, such as hate, anger, rage, war and killing.