Are Hercules tires good?

Are Hercules tires good?

Customer tire reviews indicate that most people who purchased Hercules tires are extremely satisfied. This is largely due to the outstanding 85,000-mile treadwear warranty offered on the tire. Whether you’re driving a truck, car, or SUV, Hercules tires goes the extra mile to offer multiple guarantees.

Are Hercules tires Chinese?

14. Where are Hercules Tires made? The Hercules Tire and Rubber Company and the Cooper Tire and Rubber Company produce Hercules Tires in Findlay, Ohio, USA.

What brand tire is Hercules?

Cooper Tire & Rubber Company
The Cooper Tire & Rubber Company began manufacturing Hercules tires in 1960, and the two companies remain a partnership today. Hercules Tire is a market leader of replacement tires, and they provide tires for drivers all over the world.

Are Hercules tires quiet?

Most Hercules tires are comfortable and quiet, other than the most extreme off-road options.

What is the number 1 tire brand?

The Top 10 Best Tire Brands

Best Tire Brand Overall Score Industry Reputation
1. Michelin 4.5 5.0
2. Goodyear 4.5 5.0
3. Cooper 4.0 4.0
4. Bridgestone 4.0 4.5

Is Hercules an American tire?

Hercules® Tires, a subsidiary of American Tire Distributors (ATD), today launched the industry’s first dedicated winter tire for CUVs and SUVs – the Hercules Avalanche® XUV.

Are Cooper tires Made in USA?

Cooper Tire and Rubber Company’s started in 1914 in Akron, Ohio. The main centers are situated in Findlay (Ohio, for the tires made in USA), Melksham (England), and Kunshan (China). Cooper is the 5th largest tire company in North America and the 12th in the world.

How much do Kelly tires cost?

A full set of tires on average costs $500; however, you can purchase a complete set of Kelly Tires for as low as $300. The significant cost savings achieved through the purchase of its tires makes them a great bargain, on top of their affordability.

Are more expensive tires worth it?

It’s no surprise that the more expensive tires generally stop better when brand new. In some cases though, it’s not by much. The answer isn’t simply that you should buy the most expensive tire out there. In fact, the data points to some great deals that can be had on cheap tires.

What company owns Cooper Tires?

Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company
Cooper Tire & Rubber Company/Parent organizations
Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. is now a subsidiary of Goodyear. The two Ohio tire makers on Monday announced that they had completed the merger of Findlay-based Cooper with Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. that was announced on Feb.