Are Mousefur and longtail mates?

Are Mousefur and longtail mates?

She and Longtail form a strong friendship, and she often guides him around camp due to his blindness. Mousefur welcomes Graystripe back, and upon noticing he’s taken Millie as his mate, slyly remarks he’s still breaking rules.

Who did Mousefur love?

Longtail and Purdy both had a close friendship with Mousefur while in the elders den.

Is Longtail a StarClan?

Longtail, now a spirit of StarClan, has regained his sight and takes part in the great battle where he is reunited with Mousefur and Purdy.

How did Mousefur die warriors?

Afterwards Mousefur tells Jayfeather about strange dreams from StarClan, making her suspect that the end of the Clans is near. During the Great Battle, Mousefur is slain by a Dark Forest tom, and the whole Clan grieves her loss (I can only hope she went to StarClan).

Who killed Runningwind?

Runningwind was killed by Tigerclaw while out on patrol with Mousefur and Thornpaw. Once he ascended to StarClan, Runningwind gave Fireheart one of his nine lives and fought in the Great Battle.

Is Tallstar a girl?

Tallstar is a black-and-white tom with a very long tail and amber eyes. Tallstar was a leader of WindClan in the forest territories.

What happened to Squirrelflight?

While saving Moonlight’s kits during a cave in, Squirrelflight and Leafpool are fatally injured and walk in StarClan.

Who was Ferncloud’s mate?

Family. Ferncloud’s parents are Brindleface and Whitestorm, her brother is Ashfur, and her foster brother is Cloudtail. Her mate is Dustpelt, and Spiderleg, Shrewpaw, Birchfall, Hollykit, Larchkit, Foxleap, and Icecloud are their children. For more of Ferncloud’s family, click here!

Who killed Rosepetal?

What the jury didn’t hear was that in a San Diego court in 2002 Dr Robertson was named as being a suspect in the highly-publicised “American Beauty” or “Rose Petal murder” case. In 2000 Dr Robertson was having an affair with co-worker Kristin Rossum when she murdered her husband, Gregory de Villers, 26.

Is onestar dead?

A Vision of Shadows But Darktail chose his path. He chose cruelty and murder. And Onestar died putting an end to that cruelty.

Who killed Clawface?

After being exiled by ShadowClan, Clawface was killed by Graystripe during another raid on ThunderClan’s camp.

Does Runningwind have a mate?

Mate: Dappletail: Deceased, verified StarClan member.

What kind of cat is longtail in Warriors?

Fireheart recalls Longtail did not do the same for him, as Fireheart joined the Clan as a kittypet and not a Clan born cat. He is seen occasionally on guard duty and on different patrols, and he guards Bluestar’s den while she was ill with greencough.

How old is Mousefur in the Warriors series?

Yes, She was old, but some of the senior warriors were only a few moons younger then her, such as Sandstorm who had moved into the nusery two sunrises ago. She suddenly felt kits moving inside of her and ran out of the elders den to Jayfeather’s den. “Jayfeather!” Mousefur exclaimed. “I – I’m pregnant, I think.”

How did Mousefur find out about longtail’s death?

A moon had passed since Longtail’s devastating death. Mousefur blinked open her eyes, groggy from sleep and rememberd last night with a pang. She had overheard Purdy talking to Brambleclaw, the Thunderclan deputy, about his love for her. She cringed.

Who was longtail in the Tigerclaw Warriors?

He was born to Robinwing and Patchpelt and was later apprenticed to Darkstripe. Longtail was one of Tigerclaw’s strongest supporters, and he challenged Firepaw when he first joined ThunderClan, but was defeated by the kittypet.