Are projective varieties compact?

Are projective varieties compact?

Projective varieties form a very large class of “compact” varieties that do admit such a global de- scription. In fact, the class of projective varieties is so large that it is not easy to construct a variety that is not (an open subset of) a projective variety — in this class we will certainly not see one.

What is compact variety?

This can be seen as an analogue of compactness in algebraic geometry: a topological space X is compact if and only if the above projection map is closed with respect to topological products. The image of a complete variety is closed and is a complete variety. A closed subvariety of a complete variety is complete.

What is a smooth projective variety?

A smooth projective curve of genus one is called an elliptic curve. As a consequence of the Riemann-Roch theorem, such a curve can be embedded as a closed subvariety in . In general, any (smooth) projective curve can be embedded in (for a proof, see Secant variety#Examples). Conversely, any smooth closed curve in.

Is projective space a variety?

A projective space is itself a projective variety, being the set of zeros of the zero polynomial.

Is every variety quasi projective?

2.9 given by projective closure is in fact an isomorphism in the sense of section I. 3, so all varieties are isomorphic to quasi-projective varieties.

Is projective space irreducible?

Any projective space Pn is irreducible and compact in the Zariski topology. Closed subsets in a compact space are compact. Thus any projective variety X ⊂ Pn is compact in the topology induced by the Zariski topology of Pn.

What is a quasi affine variety?

If the condition of generating a prime ideal is removed, such a set is called an (affine) algebraic set. A Zariski open subvariety of an affine variety is called a quasi-affine variety. Some texts do not require a prime ideal, and call irreducible an algebraic variety defined by a prime ideal.

Why is projective geometry important?

In general, by ignoring geometric measurements such as distances and angles, projective geometry enables a clearer understanding of some more generic properties of geometric objects. Such insights have since been incorporated in many more advanced areas of mathematics.

Is Z an affine variety?

Now the fact that f(x,1) has infinitely many zeros means that it, too, is the zero polynomial, so all its terms are zero. This means that all terms of f(x, y) are zero, so f is the zero polynomial. b) Conclude that Z is not an affine variety.

Who is the father of projective geometry?

Girard Desargues
Desargues’s theorem, in geometry, mathematical statement discovered by the French mathematician Girard Desargues in 1639 that motivated the development, in the first quarter of the 19th century, of projective geometry by another French mathematician, Jean-Victor Poncelet.

What is the point of projective geometry?

In mathematics, projective geometry is the study of geometric properties that are invariant with respect to projective transformations. This means that, compared to elementary Euclidean geometry, projective geometry has a different setting, projective space, and a selective set of basic geometric concepts.

Why is the Zariski topology not hausdorff?

The Zariski topology is a topology which is well-suited for the study of polynomial equations in algebraic geometry, since in Zariski topology, there are many fewer open sets than in the usual metric topology. The Zariski topology is not Hausdorff. In fact, any two open sets must intersect, and cannot be disjoint.

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