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Are there any media laws or regulations in Indonesia?

Are there any media laws or regulations in Indonesia?

Actually, there is a strict regulation that the broadcasting is the big duty for some mass media to support the democratic of Indonesia. It is stated on UU Press No.40 1999 article 5 item 1 that the national press may broadcast a news or opinion with some guidelines of rules.

Who is the regulator of radio in Indonesia?

Before the reform, radio was regulated by the government through Directorate General of Radio, Television, and Film of the Department of Information. Radio is currently regulated by the independent Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI) as well as the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology for frequency matters.

What is the law of the press in Indonesia?

According to the Press Law, the press is a social institution and mass communication forum for journalistic activities.

What do you need to know about iclg Indonesia?

ICLG – Telecoms, Media and Internet Laws and Regulations – Indonesia covers common issues in telecoms, media & internet laws and regulations, including Cybersecurity, Interception, Encryption and Data Retention, in 24 jurisdictions 1. Overview 2. Telecoms 3. Radio Spectrum

Can a foreign company own a Broadcasting Company in Indonesia?

Broadcasting Institutions in the form of Private Broadcasting (“ PB ”) and Subscription Broadcasting (“ SB ”) can only be initiated by Indonesian citizens or an Indonesian-owned legal entity. Foreign investors may only participate in PB and SB sectors through capital participation, with a maximum foreign shares ownership restriction of 20%.

Who is the regulator of Telecommunications in Indonesia?

On the other hand, there is BRTI, which is a regulator of telecommunications operations in Indonesia. BRTI was formed based on the Telecoms Law. BRTI is part of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology of the Republic of Indonesia which consists of elements of the government and elements of society.