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Are Thorn Bikes good?

Are Thorn Bikes good?

The Thorn Mercury is the most expensive bike in this test by some margin, but what you’re paying for is everything that I’ve mentioned above. A bike built from real experience to the highest standards possible. It’s a real gem to ride, and always a pleasurable experience. That’s true confidence in an outstanding bike.

Where are thorn bikes made?

Thorn bikes are assembled in Bridgwater in our own workshop by a team of excellent mechanics, all of whom are themselves dedicated cyclists. Every bike is built to each customer’s specific requirements and individual needs – we do not build “off the peg” bikes.

How much does a thorn Nomad weigh?

Product Specifications

Bottom Bracket Height (cm) 29.5
Weight (kg) 16.87
Trail 6.3
Top Tube (cm) 60
Standover Height (cm) 80

How big are the wheels on a thorn Sherpa?

Thorn bring all of their touring bike experience into play with the Sherpa, successfully marrying 26-inch wheels to the drop-barred tourer without any compromise. The frame is tough, the wheels are strong, the kit high-quality, the value excellent – another top-notch offering from the Somerset specialists.

Can a thorn Sherpa be fitted with a luggage rack?

The frame has an anchor point for a “Rohloff Axle Plate OEM2 Adapter for M5 Fender/Luggage Rack Bolt – 8552” meaning a Rohloff hub with an OEM2 axle plate can be fitted! The Thorn Sherpa is a 26″ derailleur equipped bike, it is intended for use with drop bars or straight bars and depending upon fork, with light to heavy loads.

What to do about rear derailleur on Thorn Sherpa?

Thorn Sherpa integrated rear derailleur hanger. A fix for this would be to remove the bosses, any mechanic/garage can do this for you, and then you could repaint it and use a standard collar clamp as is common on the majority of bikes.

What kind of Tyre does a thorn touring bike take?

Frame accepts 28.6mm clamp-on front derailleur, deep-drop 47/57mm Allen key fitting brakes, rear OLN 135mm. Frame will take 32c Schwalbe Supreme tyre with mudguards, 35’s when run with a disc and no guards.