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Can you fight for the Dawnguard as a vampire?

Can you fight for the Dawnguard as a vampire?

To answer the question directly, No you may not join the dawnguard if your a vamp already. But once you finish all the side mission and main quest and you still want to become a vamp Lord, by all means go right ahead.

How do you discreetly kill the bard in Skyrim?

If one can get far enough away, sneak, and shoot them with a bow (while unseen), they will look and chase after the Dragonborn. Lead the vampire away from any possible witnesses, and then kill them.

Can you keep serana If you choose Dawnguard?

Curing Serana’s Vampirism[edit] If you side with the Dawnguard, you can convince Serana to cure her vampirism after her father’s death. This depends on selecting certain conversation options over the course of the questline. Within a few days, she should show up at Fort Dawnguard as a normal human.

Can you get the Dawnguard Rune weapons as a vampire?

Again, yes, if you have the PC variant you can get them via console codes.

Who is the leader of Raven Rock?

Lleril Morvayn is the House Redoran Councilor of Raven Rock and ruler of Solstheim. His actual influence doesn’t spread far beyond Raven Rock without the resources of the ebony mine. He took over from his mother, Brara, in 4E 65, and has been described as a fair and compassionate leader.

Where is Raven Rock in the Elder Scrolls?

Raven Rock is a city located along the southwestern coast of Solstheim. It is the first place discovered in the Dragonborn expansion. Once an East Empire Company mining outpost, it is now a House Redoran colony. A far cry from the prosperous mining town of the past, Raven Rock has become a mostly forgotten settlement, its mine depleted.

How do you kill a vampire in the Elder Scrolls?

If the Dragonborn has sided with the Dawnguard, Gunmar sends them to kill a vampire masquerading as a visiting advisor, traveling pilgrim, traveling merchant, or traveling bard at a radiant location. The killing of the vampire has to be completed without any citizens or guards seeing it or being alerted.

How to stop Ash spawn at Raven Rock?

March of the Dead: Stop the ash spawn attacks on Raven Rock. A New Debt: Help Drovas Relvi with his debt to Mogrul. Served Cold: Save Councilor Morvayn from an assassination plot. Feeding the Addiction: Convince an innkeeper to let a drunken miner get back to the bar.

How to frame the Dawnguard for murder in Skyrim?

Frame the Dawnguard for murder. Speak to Feran Sadri. Read incriminating letter to determine city of victim. (Optional) Make it a public kill while wearing at least one piece of Dawnguard armor. (Optional) Choose a high profile victim. Kill a victim in the streets, where you can be seen.