Can you keep 2 dwarf hamsters together?

Can you keep 2 dwarf hamsters together?

For owners who want to keep two or more hamsters together, Dwarf hamsters are recommended. These species can be kept in pairs or groups as long as they are given adequate space. Most Dwarf hamsters will enjoy company from members of their own species, but Syrian (and sometimes Chinese) hamsters must be kept alone.

Should I get one or two robo dwarf hamsters?

Pairs should be put together when young — preferably when each hamster is less than 2 months old. Littermates or those paired closer to 1 month of age may get along even better, so purchase a dwarf pair together from the same breeder or from the same cage, if possible. Make sure you choose two of the same species.

Do robo hamsters get along?

Robos can be taken from their mothers as early as 3 weeks of age, and can live to be more than 3 years old. These highly energetic hamsters are usually good-tempered and get along well with one another, though like any animal, the personalities of individual robos can be different, so monitor cagemates carefully.

Can I take 2 robo dwarf hamsters at the same time?

Introducing two adult hamsters to each other takes time and patience. Buy a cage with two separate sections, or create a divider in the center of your cage. Put one hamster in each side and switch them over a few times a day. This helps each to become accustomed to the scent of the other.

Can you put two female dwarf hamsters together?

They are social creatures and get along well with other dwarf hamsters, so you can keep them together with others in a cage once they have been properly introduced. You should ideally house them with others of the same gender, because if you put males and females together they will breed rapidly.

Do dwarf hamster like to be held?

Most dwarf hamsters take well to people holding them, but they will nip if they feel uncomfortable. Calm, gentle handling from a young age can help them to feel safe when held.

Will two female robo hamsters fight?

please make sure your hamsters are two of the same gender, it is very common for a male and female to fight even if they have mated. If they are two of the same gender you should keep an eye on them.

What is the longest living hamster?

The Syrian hamster lifespan is about 2-3 years. Males seem to outlive females on average, which is unusual in the animal world. The longest-living scientifically documented Syrian hamster lived 3.9 years.

Will robo dwarf hamsters fight?

You can keep 2-3 males together or 2-3 females together without issue as long as they’re introduced young. If you keep a male and female together they will breed, fight and the female will dominate, attack and possible even kill the male in some more extreme cases. Female hamsters are very dominant.

Will two female dwarf hamsters fight?

Dwarf hamsters, though, another type of hamster, are considered to be social, but they still may fight if not introduced properly. If you are going to introduce dwarf hamsters to one another, make the introduction while the animals are juveniles.

Can 3 dwarf hamsters be in one cage?

The great thing about dwarf hamsters is that all breeds can live happily together when kept in small groups of their own species. You should avoid keeping groups of mixed dwarf hamster breeds together as this can lead to aggression, territorial behaviour and fighting.

Do dwarf hamsters like to cuddle?

Well, cuddliness really depends on each hamster’s personality. I have 4 campbells dwarfs, and they each have different levels of cuddliness. One is super cuddly – he just loves to be held and is content to sit in my hand.

Are there any dwarf hamsters that can live together?

Roborovski, Winter white and Campbell’s dwarfs can live together if introduced at a young age. Russian Dwarf hamsters can live together but have been known to start to fight as they get older.

Can a robo hamster live with other hamsters?

Your Robo hamster may feel just as unenthused about the idea and each hamster might begin to fight for dominance. On the other hand, many Robo hamsters will live with others without any problems; it largely depends on the individual and is something that you will have to monitor and make a decision on.

Can a Roborovski dwarf hamster be kept in a group?

The Roborovski Dwarf Hamster can be kept in same-sex pairs, or even groups if they have been reared together, which is uncommon with other hamster breeds. There should be sufficient space for burrowing – use at least 20 cm of a substrate.

Can a Syrian hamster live with another hamster?

In short, Syrian hamsters cannot live with other hamsters. Some species of dwarf hamsters are capable of living together. This section will go over all the commonly available dwarf hamster species and whether they can live in hordes.