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Can your followers see your playlists on Spotify?

Can your followers see your playlists on Spotify?

Spotify automatically shares all its users’ activity with followers and with the public. By default, anyone with an account can also see your public playlists, your recently played music and your followers. As long as you have a Spotify account and you know the person’s username, you can search for and follow any user.

Can Spotify playlists be anonymous?

Yes, you can make it a secret playlist. Right click on its title and then “Make Secret”. Alternatively you can copy all songs (CTRL + A) and paste them to a new, secret playlist that only you (and the ones you send the link to) will have access.

How do I make Spotify playlists private on my computer?

Spotify lets you make your playlists secret. To make a playlist secret on desktop, go to ‘playlists’, pick the one you want to hide and click on the circle with an ellipsis inside: Click ‘make secret’ and no one but you will have access to the playlist or be able to see when you’re listening to it.

Why are my Spotify playlists not public?

By default, playlists you create don’t show on your profile, but you can switch this anytime. Note: You need the desktop app to set a default, but it applies to all devices. In the desktop app, click at the top and select Settings. Under Social, switch on/off Make my new playlists public.

Did Spotify remove private playlists?

In a recent update, Spotify removed the option to make a playlist private on the desktop version of Spotify. Remain calm though because you can still make a playlist private in the Spotify mobile app, so no one needs to know what you actually listen to.

Can I hide my followers on Spotify?

Unfortunately, you can not hide followers/hide followers from others at the moment.

Can someone see if you view their Spotify?

They will only be notified if you Follow the playlist. Your Followers can also see the playlist you’re l listening in the Friend Feed. To keep this private go to your Desktop App > Preferences > Turn off ‘Publish my activity on Spotify’.

Can I share a secret Spotify playlist?

Can you Share a Secret Playlist. Yes, you can! When you decide to share your “secret playlist” with a friend or special someone, then they will be able to listen and access your playlist, while it stays remain hidden in your profile.

Can you share a playlist without making it public?

This is possible! If you keep the playlist secret (so no public) but tap the three dots in the right corner to open the playlist menu. There, you can select “copy link” and share the link with some friends!

How do you make your Spotify playlist private?

How to make a private playlist on Spotify

  1. Open the Spotify app.
  2. Navigate to the playlist you want to make private.
  3. Tap the three gray dots. Tap the three gray dots. Credit: Screenshot: Spotify.
  4. Select “Make Private” Select “Make Private” to make your playlist private. Credit: screenshot: spotify.

Can I see who likes my Spotify playlist?

Unfortunately, there is no way to see exactly who liked your playlist on Spotify. A total likes count will appear below each playlist name. Sadly, Spotify no longer gives you a way to drill into exactly who liked your playlist, they only give you the total number of people who liked it.

How do I see a hidden playlist on Spotify?

Spotify makes the illusion that making a playlist “secret” makes it private. This is not true. Anyone can go to to view your “secret” playlists and all of the songs within them.