Did Rain serve in the military?

Did Rain serve in the military?

South Korean singer Rain has been officially released from mandatory military service after 21 months. He served as an “entertainment soldier” for a unit that promotes the military. The popular K-pop star was found to have broken military rules in January after photos of him meeting an actress surfaced.

What are the ranks in Korean military?

In the Republic of Korea Armed Forces, ranks fall into one of four categories: Commissioned officer, warrant officer, non-commissioned officer, and enlisted, in decreasing order of authority.

How long is Korean military service for idols?

This comes as BTS member Jin turns 30 next year. All able-bodied Korean male between the age of 18-28 are required to serve in the country’s military for about two years. In December last year, the South Korean parliament had passed a bill allowing all K-pop stars to delay their military service until the age of 30.

Who is exempt from Korean military service?

All able-bodied South Korean males are required to start their 20-month military service by the time they reach 28 but they can receive exemption if they collect a medal at the Olympics. The rule came into effect in 1973, when the government was looking to boost the country’s global prestige.

Is BTS exempt from military 2020?

Under the revised law, K-pop entertainers who have received government medals for helping spread or elevate the country’s ​cultural influence around the world can apply for deferment of their military service. All seven members of BTS meet that requirement.

Who is rain wife?

Kim Tae-heem. 2017
Jeong Ji-hoon/Wife

Will BTS come back after military?

In December 2020, South Korea’s parliament passed a bill to allow K-pop artists such as BTS to postpone their mandatory military service to age 30. Talking about the same, research analyst Yoo Sung Man stated, “It is predicted that the BTS members will enlist in the military simultaneously before mid-2022.

What are military ranks in order?

The sequence of ranks for Enlisted Soldiers are as follows:

  • Private/PVT (E-1)
  • Private/PV2 (E-2)
  • Private First Class/ PFC (E-3)
  • Specialist/SPC (E-4) / Corporal/CPL (E-4)
  • Sergeant/SGT (E-5)
  • Staff Sergeant/SSG (E-6)
  • Sergeant First Class/SFC (E-7)
  • Master Sergeant/MSG (E-8)

Will BTS continue after military?

Will BTS go to military together?

Member Suga is second in line for military enlistment Jin is already safe till the end of 2021 because of enrolment in an online graduate program, which legally allows a one-year delay. However, without another postponement granted by the government, he will have to join in 2022.

Does Rain have a wife?

Is Kim Tae Hee married?

Jeong Ji-hoonm. 2017
Kim Tae-hee/Spouse