Did seirin beat Akashi?

Did seirin beat Akashi?

The score is now 23 – 30 in favor of Rakuzan. Akashi scores The game continues with Seirin on defense: Furihata marking Akashi, Hyūga taking Mibuchi, Kagami going against Hayama, Kiyoshi on Nebuya, and Izuki guarding Mayuzumi, sealing him from using Misdirection.

What is Akashi good at?

Akashi is a true prodigy with unique ability compared to the rest of the players in generation of miracles. He has an ‘EMPEROR EYE’ which can predict future which is one of his deadliest weapons. Next comes is his talent to predict a players ability.

What is Akashi height?

173 cm tall
Appearance. Akashi’s full appearance Akashi Seijuro has a rather small stature for someone who has captained the Generation of Miracles, as noted by Furihata, at only 173 cm tall, making him the shortest out of the Generation of Miracles.

Are Kuroko and Akashi related?

Kayuki Kuroko (黒子由紀 Kuroko Kayuki) is the only daughter and youngest child of Tetsuya Kuroko and Satsuki Momoi. Her godfather is Seijūrō Akashi. She has two older brothers: Yukito and Tatsuya.

Can Seirin win against too?

Seirin takes the victory, 101 to 100.

Who did Seirin lose to?

Next. Seirin High vs Shūtoku High was the final round of the Interhigh preliminaries. It was a rematch for their match last year, which Seirin lost with 45 to 141. This was Seirin’s second match against one of the Generation of Miracles but the first time they had played one in a competition.

Who is better Kuroko or Akashi?

when it comes to just purely passing kuroko is better. But akashi is a better choice overall for point guard because he still has insanely good passes but also beats kuroko in dribbling and shooting. But akashi and kuroko working together is OP in terms of passing potential, since they both have the emperor’s eye.

Who is Kuroko’s girlfriend?

Satsuki Momoi
Satsuki Momoi (桃井 さつき Momoi Satsuki) is the manager of Tōō Academy and the previous manager of the Generation of Miracles at Teikō Junior High who is in love with Tetsuya Kuroko that she sees herself as his girlfriend.

Is Kuroko older than Akashi?

Birth year is never given, but the Japanese school year runs from April to March. That is why Kuroko is the youngest. Otherwise he would be a second year while everyone else is a first year, which is not the case. I can expand on this more if you are still confused.

Who won seirin vs too?

What does Kuroko say to Akashi in Seirin High?

Kuroko replies that he has, as Akashi tells him to show him his basketball. Kuroko denies, saying it will not be his basketball he will be showing, but rather Seirin’s basketball. Akashi accepts Kuroko’s challenge.

Why is Seirin High vs Rakuzan high important?

Seirin High vs Rakuzan High has been featured, meaning it was chosen as an article of interest. Seirin High vs. Rakuzan High is the match of the Winter Cup finals. Kuroko told his teammates in Seirin the story of his past in Teikō. The time he spent with the Generation of Miracles and how their talents affected their way of play.

Why did Seirin enter the zone in Kagami vs Akashi?

Seirin still manage to score, but Akashi enters the zone again and Akashi’s support draws out his team members’ potentials, making them enter an imperfect version of the zone, possible because they are members of the “Uncrowned Kings”. With less than 4 minutes left in the game, Kiyoshi’s leg starts acting up.

How does mitobe score in Rakuzan vs Seirin?

Izuki passes the ball to Kagami who was being blocked by Akashi. Kagami passes the ball to Mitobe, knowing he can’t beat Akashi in his current state. Mitobe uses a hook and scores the basket. Rakuzan counterattacks with Akashi passing the ball to Mayuzumi who then scores the basket.