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Did Star Wars rip off Flash Gordon?

Did Star Wars rip off Flash Gordon?

The Flash Gordon film that was released in 1980 still owes a great deal to Lucas’ vision, making it — in a rather roundabout way — a Star Wars rip-off.

Is Star Wars a ripoff of Star Trek?

Star Wars and Star Trek are both science based and involve space travel and aliens. The Star Trek television series was originally produced in 1966, and it influenced the 1977 beginning of the popular Star Wars films. In 1979, the first Star Trek movie was released.

How many Star Wars spinoff movies are there?

In between the sequel films, two anthology films were released, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) and Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018), both set between the prequel and original trilogies….List of Star Wars films.

Star Wars films
Language English
Budget Total (12 films): $1.633 billion
Box office Total (12 films): $10.318 billion

Why is Star Wars so good?

One of the biggest reasons that Star Wars became so popular is that it was unique. When it was released in 1977, it was the first science fiction space adventure to be released to a mass audience. The movie’s build-up was intense, and every single release since has been a major event.

What did George Lucas rip off for Star Wars?

Battle Beyond the Stars Just as George Lucas borrowed liberally from Akira Kurosawa’s Hidden Fortress for A New Hope, Corman retooled another Kurosawa classic, The Seven Samurai, for his film.

Why is Star Wars a masterpiece?

The film’s set-up might seem simple and at its heart, Star Wars is a straightforward story. Instead of cowboys battling in the desert though, this film shows intergalactic heroes battling in space against an evil Empire. Like the cinematic serials of yore, the feature is packed with adventure, thrills and surprises.

What’s better Star Trek or Star Wars?

William Shatner argues that Star Trek is superior to Star Wars. Russ concludes that despite both their success and popularity, Star Trek comes out as the better of the two, as it is set in “our” galaxy and therefore people can relate better to it, whereas Star Wars takes place in another galaxy.

Why is Star Trek better than Star Wars?

Star Trek has simply been more consistent than Star Wars, and at times can be even more impressive, while still working best as a TV show. The characters have more depth than anyone in the Star Wars universe, and the franchise is willing to step outside the 60 year period all Star Wars adventures are trapped in.

Will there be a Star Wars 10?

Star Wars Has No More Sequels Planned (Yet) The future of the Star Wars timeline beyond Rise of Skywalker is currently unconfirmed. Many Star Wars projects, including movies, are currently in the works, but none of them (as far as we know) are set to be the equivalent of Star Wars: Episode X.

How long would it take to watch all the Star Wars movies?

25 hours and 7 minutes
It will take you 25 hours and 7 minutes to watch all 11 live-action Star Wars movies (original versions). This count includes the nine instalments from the Skywalker saga and the two anthology movies, Rogue One and Solo. Excluding the anthology movies, Episode I to IX will take you 20 hours and 39 minutes to watch.

Who owns Star Wars now?

Disney acquired “Toy Story” creator Pixar in 2006 for $7.4 billion. The company became the owner of the “Star Wars” and “Indiana Jones” franchises following the purchase of Lucasfilm in 2012.

Which is better Star Trek or Star Wars?

William Shatner argues that Star Trek is superior to Star Wars. Shatner believes that Star Wars was only better than Star Trek in terms of special effects, and that once J.J. Abrams became involved, Star Trek was able to “supersede Star Wars on every level”.

What are the best Star Wars films?

The best Star Wars movies ranked, from A New Hope to Solo 10. Attack of the Clones (2002) 9. The Phantom Menace (1999) 8. Revenge of the Sith (2005) 7. Solo (2018) 6. The Last Jedi (2017) 5. The Force Awakens (2015) 4. A New Hope (1977) 3. Rogue One (2016) 2. Return of the Jedi (1983) 1. The Empire Strikes Back (1980)

Is Star Wars a good movie?

STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS Review: A Good Movie With Bad Problems. After all the hubbub, it’s still just a regular old movie. The good news is that Star Wars: The Force Awakens works. It largely succeeds at the many monumental things it needed to achieve.

What are the Star Wars movies in order?

The order in which the Star Wars movies were released is: Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope (1977) Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back (1980) Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi (1983) Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace (1999)

Is there New Star Wars movie?

Right now, Lucasfilm and Disney have their Star Wars slate lined up through 2020. In 2018 we will get Star Wars Anthology: Han Solo Movie and in 2019 we will get the trilogy ending Star Wars: Episode IX. That will be followed by the Third Star Wars Spin-Off Movie,…