Do you get paid for keeping in touch days while on maternity leave?

Do you get paid for keeping in touch days while on maternity leave?

You can choose to do some work on maternity leave You should be paid for keeping in touch days. How much you get depends on your contract, but it must be at least the minimum wage. You need to agree keeping in touch days with your employer – they can’t make you do them, but you can’t demand them either.

Do you get paid for keep in touch days NHS?

No, you are entitled to be paid for any KIT or SPLIT days worked in the same way and at the same time as other employees so this will usually be in the payroll following the week or month in which you do some work. Your employer must pay for any KIT/SPLIT days at the time you do the work and cannot delay payment.

Can an employer refuse keeping in touch days?

Keeping in Touch (KIT) days are not compulsory – neither you nor your employer can insist on it – but they can be used for work-related activities such as training, conferences and meetings. The legislation does not dictate how much an employee should be paid for attending work on a KIT day.

Is it illegal to contact an employee on maternity leave?

The law does not prohibit contact with an employee on maternity leave. However, there is scope to claim unlawful discrimination if an employer makes excessive contact where the treatment is unfavourable and the reason for the treatment is the employee being on maternity leave.

Can I take annual leave after maternity?

Yes, you can add your annual leave to the end of your maternity leave if your employer agrees. You should agree with your employer when you will take this annual leave, which may be before you go on maternity leave, at the end of your maternity leave or later in the year.

Can I earn extra money while on maternity leave UK?

If you live in the UK and are eligible for statutory maternity may (SMP), you will normally be paid for up to 39 weeks when on maternity leave. For the first six weeks, you can earn 90% of your average weekly earnings (pre-tax).

Who pays for keeping in touch days?

Your employer must pay you for the time you work. A keeping in touch day may affect your workplace entitlements, such as leave accrual. Once you have returned to work you can’t access a keeping in touch day. This is even if you didn’t use all 10 days.

What benefits am I entitled to if I don’t return to work after maternity leave?

Remember, if you don’t return to work you are still entitled to receive money for any holiday that you have remaining, including the time whilst you were on maternity leave. If you decide that you are not going to return to work during your maternity leave, you will still be entitled to receive statutory maternity pay.

Are keeping in touch days pro rata?

No. The 10 keeping-in-touch days for new parents are not pro-rated for part-time employees. Each employee who takes shared parental leave can take up to 20 SPLIT days in addition to any keeping-in-touch days they take during maternity or adoption leave, and these are not pro-rated for part-time employees.

Can I work one day a week while on maternity leave?

Your employer cannot force or demand that you work at any point during your maternity leave and KiT days must be by agreement between you and the employer, which should be reached in advance of you doing the work.

Can you ask when someone is returning from maternity leave?

Can my employer ask me when I will be returning to work after maternity leave? An employer can ask when you are going to return to work. It is advisable to provide as much information as you can, but you should not: Be put under pressure to provide information about when you will return before you are obliged to do so.

What happens if my contract ends during maternity leave?

If an employee’s fixed-term contract comes to an end while they are on maternity leave, there is no express obligation on the employer to re-employ them at the end of maternity leave. If it does not, the key question will be why the contract was not renewed.

What does keep in touch mean on maternity leave?

Keep in touch (KIT) days are where a member carries out up to 10 days work during the maternity, paternity or adoption leave period. For pension purposes, keep in touch days do not break the period of leave.

How many kit days can you work during maternity leave?

KIT days allow employees to work up to 10 keeping in touch days during their maternity or adoption leave without bringing the leave period to an end. For doctors, they can be a positive way to keep up-to-date with developments in their specialty, department or with their employer while they are away.

How many shared parental leave in touch days can you work?

Each parent taking SPL can work up to 20 ‘shared parental leave in touch’ (or SPLIT) days while on SPL without their statutory leave or pay being affected. These days are in addition to the 10 KIT days available during the maternity or adoption leave period.

When does maternity leave come to an end?

A8.4 No. If you work an 11th day, your maternity leave will come to an end. A8.4 No. If you work an 11 th day, your maternity leave will come to an end. Q8.5 Are There Any Periods During My Maternity Leave When I Am Not Able To utilise KIT Days?