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Do you need to use Knauf pipe insulation?

Do you need to use Knauf pipe insulation?

Contractors: Save time and money with commercial and industrial pipe insulation that is lightweight and easy to implement, enabling experienced crews to quickly install with basic tools. Knauf’s knowledgeable insulation experts are ready to offer thoughtful solutions for all your indoor, outdoor, commercial, and industrial pipe insulation needs.

Which is best earthwool or Knauf pipe insulation?

Earthwool is the benchmark that stands apart for its sustainability, performance and consistently high product quality. It’s easy to handle and fabricate so install is fast. Our patented, bio-based binder is a smarter alternative to using phenol formaldehyde. It’s been foundational in our commitment to sustainability.

Which is the first Knauf showroom in the world?

Knauf Clerkenwell is the first Knauf showroom of its kind in the world. Take a look at our product training courses. Knauf UP210 is a lime cement reinforcing basecoat render, for use onto mediumweight blockwork greater than 7N in density.

Which is easier to work with Knauf or ASJ?

We buy Knauf on a regular basis. The product is easier to work with in the field. IE: easier to notch out, denser then other manufactures and extremely easy to clean the ASJ jacket if it gets dirty. Cant recommend this enough. If you own a business the ROA of this product is a game changer.

How many employees does Knauf Insulation have in the US?

Since 2013 Knauf Insulation has been operating Exeed Insulation LLC Holding as a joint venture together with Exeed Industries. Today Today Knauf Insulation has over 5,500 employees in more than 35 countries with more than 40 production plants in 15 countries.

When was Knauf fiber glass insulation first made?

Knauf Insulation was founded as Knauf Fiber Glass in Shelbyville (USA) in 1978. Knauf Insulation grew very quickly in this early stage – by 1983 it had already doubled its production capacity.

Where is the Knauf Insulation plant in Shelbyville located?

At its main plant in Shelbyville, capacities expanded again and Knauf Insulation also acquired the Canadian company Manson Insulation (in 2008).