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Does Apple make a longer charging cord?

Does Apple make a longer charging cord?

Apple’s standard charging cable is only three feet long, though the company also offers a six-foot option. The longer Apple cable, on the other hand, is $35 for six feet, amounting to $5.80 per tacky white foot.

What charger cable does an iPad use?

USB-C Charge Cable.

Are all iPad charging cables the same?

The 2 cables themselves are identical. The difference in the charging is down to the adaptor which you plug in to then electrical socket. The one for the iPad is a higher current and charges the iPad quicker than an iPhone charger would.

What length charger comes with iPad?

The length of the Lightning Cable is the same length that comes with your iPhones. So it is 3 feet in length.

Is it bad to use a non Apple charger for iPhone?

9 Answers. They are generally safe to use. And they don’t have a chip (at least the ones I’ve used). The charger itself may regulate the current, but the cable itself doesn’t.

Do fake iPhone Chargers ruin your battery?

Some chargers take much longer to fill your battery. Others damage your device. The fake charger that you purchased may actually be killing the battery that it was working to revive. They do so by activating the charging circuitry, which reinvigorates your drained battery.

Is USB-C the same as Lightning?

Over the years, most phone manufacturers put micro-USB ports on their devices. Android devices typically use USB-C or the older micro-USB, and Apple uses Lightning.

What charger comes with iPad 2020?

2020 iPad Pro Packaging Continues to Feature the Bare Accessories – Ships With 18W Charger.

Can I charge my iPad with my iPhone 12 Charger?

You can use Apple 10W and 12W USB power adapters to charge your iPad, iPhone, iPod, Apple Watch, and other Apple accessories, like AirPods and Siri Remote.

Can I use a 20W charger on an old iPad?

Answer: A: Answer: A: It is completely safe to charge an old iPad that came with a 12W power adapter with an 18W or 20W (or even a 96W Mac power adapter).

Can I charge iPad with 30W charger?

Answer: A: Answer: A: A 30W USB Power Adapter is perfectly safe for use with iPad and iPad Pro. The iPad will draw only as much power as it’s internal circuitry requires.

Can I use a non Apple charger for my iPad?

Using a Non-Apple Charger is Dangerous. If your charger is from a trusted company and is labeled “Made for iPhone/iPad,” then you are totally safe. Just avoid using cheap knockoff cables and chargers as oftentimes they are less expensive due to a lack of safety mechanisms in the internal circuitry.