Does Lupe Tortilla have half price fajitas?

Does Lupe Tortilla have half price fajitas?

Lupe Tortilla – Half price 1# mixed fajitas all day every… | Facebook.

How much is a pound of fajitas at Lupe Tortilla?

Vegetable Fajitas 29.95 (1 lb.) 16.95 (½ lb.)

Is Lupe Tortilla fancy?

So, here’s what is weird about this little obsession of mine: Lupe Tortilla is no five-star, Michelin-rated destination for gourmands. It’s more like a Chili’s-meets-Mi Cocina. It’s a chain. It’s not fancy.

What is Lupe Tortilla famous for?

The greatest concentration of restaurants is on Lupe Tortilla’s home turf, Houston, where the restaurant has become known for its beef fajitas, tableside guacamole and margaritas.

Does Lupe Tortilla have quesadillas?

Friendly service, the best chips and salsa, amazing quesadillas with rice and beans (finally something other than french fries as a side) and DELICIOUS fajitas. They are expensive but I guarantee you it is SO worth it. The beef is so delicious and tender and they have our favorite tortillas.

Does Lupe Tortilla shipping fajitas?

We are no longer offering Fajitas by Mail for new orders. All redemptions received before 3pm CST Monday – Thursday will ship out the same day.

How much meat do I need for 10 fajitas?

How much fajita meat do you need per person? You should account for 4 oz of raw meat per person when served with vegetables, rice, and beans. If there are no sides, you should estimate 8 oz of steak per person.

What is in a Lupe Tortilla party pack?

PARTY PACK PROPOSALPACKS FROM 4 TO 100 PEOPLE Our famous beef & chicken fajita party packs include: guacamole, pico de gallo, shredded cheddar cheese, sour cream, grilled onions, rice, chile con queso, chips, salsa, alla charra beans, hand-rolled flour tortillas, plates, forks and napkins.

Does Lupe Tortilla use lard?

This a decent mexican food place for most folks, but my wife is a vegetarian and at the time we visited there was nothing on the menu for a vegetarian…even the beans are cooked in lard.

What can you get from Lupe tortillas?


  • FAJITA. Fajita beef, roasted poblano, grilled onion, Jack cheese, spicy red sauce.
  • TEXAS’-MEX. Carne molida, cheddar cheese, ancho chile sauce, chile con queso.
  • QUESO & QUESO. Cheddar cheese & Chile con Queso.
  • QUESO Flameado.
  • Espinaca FritTata.
  • Lupe FritTata.
  • Who owns Lupe Tortilla?

    Stan Holt –
    Stan Holt – Founder and Owner – The Original Lupe Tortilla Mexican Restaurant | LinkedIn.

    Does Lupe Tortilla have green salsa?

    Review of Lupe Tortilla. The Best Salsa Verde! Every time we try out another Mexican restaurant, I have to try their enchiladas verde and to date, at least half a dozen Mexican restaurants have failed to match the rich, piquant flavor of the salsa verde served at Lupe Tortilla. …

    What kind of meat is in Lupe tortillas?

    Flour totillas filled con beef, frijoles, covered con chill gravy queso. Served con tomatoes, onions shredded lettuce. Substitute beef or chicken fajita $3.00. (2) Filled con chicken monterey jack cheese covered con spicy roasted red pepper sauce. Served con rice, pico de gallo sour cream. Substitte taco al carbon $2.00.

    How much does a substitte at Lupe cost?

    Add guacamole salad $1.50 Served con rice frijoles. Substitte taco al carbon $2.00. Add guacamole salad $1.50 Served con rice y frijoles. Substitte taco al carbon $2.00. Add guacamole salad $1.50 Served con rice frijoles.

    What kind of shrimp are served at Lupe?

    (6) Grilled bacon wrapped jumbo gulf shrimp. Stuffed con spicy red jalapenos, then covered in melted monterey jack cheese. Served con roasted red pepper butter, rice frijoles