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Does PG&E give rebates?

Does PG&E give rebates?

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) offers rebates on qualified energy-efficient products and improvements for your home. When you purchase and install these products, you can save energy and money while reducing your impact on the environment. Learn more at

Is energy rebate still available?

If you receive your bill directly from your energy retailer and you meet the eligibility requirements, you can apply for the Family Energy Rebate online. Note: The 2021-22 Family Energy Rebate will close at 11pm on 30 June 2022.

Does PG&E give rebates for new windows?

Although PG&E no longer offers a rebate for installing high-performance, dual-paned windows for single-family homes, we still encourage energy-efficient windows as a retrofit product. Such windows are widely available on the market.

How do I apply for PGE EV rebate?

To apply, customers need their PG&E account number and vehicle registration documentation such as a registration card or signed purchase agreement. Customers can learn more about the Clean Fuel Rebate and apply via a simple online application at

Does PG&E offer rebates on refrigerators?

Get a $50 rebate now through PG&E’s Appliance Recycling Program.

How do I check the status of my PG&E rebate?

To check the status of your rebate application online, visit sign in or register for an online account. Your status is located on the eRebates page. Select Check Rebate Application Status.

How long does the energy rebate take?

If you’re unable to apply online, visit a service centre or call ServiceNSW on 13 77 88. If your application is successful, you’ll receive payment within 5 working days into your nominated bank/Credit Union account. Service NSW will contact you if there are problems issuing your payment.

How do I claim my 200 energy rebate?

In NSW, eligible seniors can claim a $200 electricity rebate under the Seniors Energy Rebate. You can apply online at or at a Service NSW Centre. To be eligible for the scheme, you’ll need to have a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card.

Does PG&E give free refrigerators?

The program is only open to customers who receive their electricity from PG&E. To schedule a pickup, call 1-800-299-7573. Both refrigerators and freezers are eligible for the program, with a limit of two appliances per household. All refrigerators and freezers must be empty and working at the time of pick-up.

Who will pick up old refrigerator for free?

Two examples of charities that actively ask for old appliances are The Salvation Army and Habitat for Humanity ReStores. Be sure to confirm that they are able to take your appliance before you remove it from your house, load it up on a truck, and take it to them.

What are rebates?

A rebate is a form of buying discount and is an amount paid by way of reduction, return, or refund that is paid retrospectively. It is a type of sales promotion that marketers use primarily as incentives or supplements to product sales. Rebates are offered by either the retailer or the product manufacturer.

How much is the energy rebate?

How much is the NSW Family Energy Rebate? The Family Energy Rebate provides: $180 a year to eligible customers that do not hold a DHS Concession Card or Health Care Card; or, $285 a year a year to eligible customers that hold a DHS Concession Card or Health Care and also qualify for the Low Income Household Rebate.

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