What should a government do for a country to become successful?

Today, there are several successful states that can be emulated. The success of the government benefits the subjects. There are several actions that require to be put in place for success to real.


To begin with, it is imperative to evaluate the need of education. A government that is endowed with intelligent people and understanding has a potential to succeed. It means that each government should channel its resources to the youth. In addition, scientific research and modern technologies must be considered since it will be difficult for a country to sustain its stability without an appropriate approach to the future (Ruhode & Owei, 2010).

The government pursuing success must attract investors. Attracting investors should be done carefully in order not to discourage or harm the local investors. For example, at least 51% of the firm’s actions stock should be sold to the native investors. On the other hand, a maximum of 49% should be sold to foreign investors. In both categories, care must be ensured so as not to bring the sold firm to bankruptcy.

There is every need to encourage the citizens to run their businesses (Bebbington & McCourt, 2007). Successful businesses create employment opportunities to both the entrepreneurs and other society members. These people involved in business will have a better quality of life.

In summary, a country’s success is dependent on a number of conditions. However, it is crucial to have a strategy and plan in advance the development of an economy. Educating the citizens, attracting investors, creating a healthy must be undertaken so as to succeed in any state.