How can I order McDonalds in Hong Kong?

How can I order McDonalds in Hong Kong?

Simply order online, by app, or by phone.

How do you use the McDonalds app in Hong Kong?

Customers can place an order on the app and upon arrival at any chain of the fast food giant, scan the QR code in the store to confirm the purchase. Customers can choose to pay for their meal via Alipay, WeChat Pay, Visa, Mastercard or cash. Once the order is confirmed, a meal will be ready in five minutes.

Can you buy McDonalds online?

You can use Mobile Order & Pay to order McDonald’s breakfast, or other McDonald’s meals and/or products, at a nearby location.

How much is McDonalds in Hong Kong?

What I like about McDonald’s in Hong Kong is the price. This is one of the cheapest cities in the world for McDonalds meals, priced at HK$18-24 (US$2.25-3) for breakfast meals and (US$HK$24-28 (US$3-4) for lunch value meals.

How much is a Big Mac in HK?

Hong Kong – Big Mac menu – price, September 2020

Hong Kong – Big Mac menu – price, September 2020
HKD 58.000
USD 7.460
EUR 6.412

Is McDelivery still available?

Unfortunately McDelivery isn’t available in your area yet, but we’re expanding all the time. Enter your details below and we’ll let you know when we can deliver to your door.

How much does McDelivery cost?

What is the delivery charge for McDelivery? As McDelivery is a service that is provided 24/7, there is a standard delivery surcharge of $4.00 for every order made.

Is Hong Kong expensive?

Hong Kong is an expensive city. But it’s not the most expensive. And coming from England, you will be surprised how “affordable” most things will be while you are touring here. The thing to remember while you stay and tour in Hk is…. you can go as cheap as you like for meals, hotels, and shopping.

Is McDonald’s halal in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong’s three biggest fast-food chains have rejected a call by Hong Kong’s chief imam to offer halal meat in their restaurants. Mufti Muhammad Arshad contacted McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) and Pizza Hut to request that they use halal meat in some of their outlets. Eating blood is not halal.

Is grab or McDelivery cheaper?

Note: The prices on the menu of McDelivery and GrabFood are the same. AND, we have not accounted for delivery fees yet!…Price Difference: McDonald’s In-Store Menu VS McDelivery Menu.

Meal (+ Medium Fries) McSpicy
Walk-ins (S$) 7.2
McDelivery / GrabFood (S$) 7.55
Price Difference in % +5%

Why McDelivery is not working?

Some common causes for McDonalds app not working are: Poor internet connection. Server-side issues. Corrupted cache or data. Corrupted installation files or wrong installation procedure.

Is there an app for McDelivery Hong Kong?

Using APKPure App to upgrade McDelivery Hong Kong, fast, free and save your internet data. The McDonald’s McDelivery Mobile Ordering App offers you the convenience of ordering great food anytime, anywhere. From now on, no matter where you are, your favorite McDonald’s meal is just a tap and swipe away!

How to order McDelivery on the McDonald’s app?

McDonald’s® – Order McDelivery® on McDonald’s App. More value, more convenience – McDonald’s For all those late-night, early-morning, last-minute moments, we readily deliver to you. Simply order by app, with exclusive coupons every week, enjoy the food you crave in a way that’s as convenient as it’s satisfying.

Which is the best app for McDonald’s in Hong Kong?

WeChat Pay is available now. McDonald’s Value Monday, best value in town! The all-new upgraded McDonald’s App with 4 great features, save money and enjoy instantly! – Turn on the notification notice to receive first-hand latest offer!