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How did the TV series W1A get its name?

How did the TV series W1A get its name?

The series is named after the postal code of the BBC’s headquarters, Broadcasting House, which is W1A 1AA. The series revolves around Ian Fletcher ( Hugh Bonneville ), formerly the Head of the Olympic Deliverance Commission, who has been chosen to be the Head of Values at the BBC.

Where does the BBC get its logo from?

Its headquarters are at Broadcasting House in Westminster, London, and it is the world’s oldest national broadcasting organisation. The first incarnation of the BBC “blocks” logo was created in 1958. This logo consisted of square boxes with “BBC” in italics inside them.

When did the BBC Radio Clwyd logo stop being used?

This logo continued to be used as an in-credit logo and with the BBC Radio Clwyd logo until the radio station eventually shut down in August 1998. The under-logo lines were removed from the logo, the boxes and letters were also straightened up, making the boxes look similar to the 1958 logo.

Who is the designer of the CBBC logo?

On 11 February 2002, CBBC launched a channel version and introduced a new logo, consisting of a green bug with a C in purple. The logo was designed by Lambie-Nairn just like CBeebies and BBC Kids from Canada which resembles its logo. The idents are similar to the CBeebies and BBC Kids idents from the same year. 2005–2007

Is the TV show W1A a spoof of the real world?

Because the sad truth is that the real-world BBC is far more bizarre and surreal than this fairly tame spoof, and the only real mickey take in the equation is the way the real Beeb behaves while claiming to serve its hard-working license payers. BBC2′s continuity announcer accidentally introduced W1A by calling it a “new drama.”

Is there going to be a second series of W1A?

A second series was announced later in 2014 which launched on 23 April 2015 with a one-hour special. In August 2016, Radio Times announced that W1A had been recommissioned for a third and final series, which began airing on 18 September 2017.

Is the TV series W1A based on a true story?

Verbal communications skills are virtually non-existent in many Social Media-obsessed staff, and the curse of hopping from hot desk to hot desk means it’s impossible to hold a meaningful conversation or concentrate on anything at all in your own space. W1A is written by the same team who brought us the brilliant Twenty Twelve.