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How do I access Learn 360?

How do I access Learn 360?

Students access Learn360 from school or at home by going directly to the Learn360 homepage (www.learn360.ca) and using their schools username and password to login.

Who created Learn 360?

AIM Education, Inc.
AIM Education, Inc.’s product lines provide digital, video, and print media products. The online Learn360® video streaming service for K-12 schools sets a superior standard of quality for video streaming and was built specifically for educators.

How do you log into Learn360?

Login with your Infobase user account or click on the Sign in with Google button to log into the platform. Once logged in, click on the Welcome menu at the top. Click on My Profile. Locate the Connected Social Accounts section.

How do I get a passkey for Learn360?

Once you are signed in, please find the Learn360 product under My Resources. To retrieve your Passkey, please click on the Product Settings button and choose Authentication from the dropdown. Passkeys consist of a number sequence, plus the accounts state, plus a letter abbreviation for the role: Teacher or Student.

Is learn 360 free?

Institutions interested in learning more about our online products are welcome to a free trial. To register, please click on the link below.

What movies are on Learn 360?

Fierce Females. Video Title. Fierce Females.

  • Seven Worlds, One Planet. Video Series. Seven Worlds, One Planet.
  • The Number on Great-Grandpa’s Arm. Video Title.
  • The Words That Built America. Video Title.
  • Good Luck Soup. Video Title.
  • My World Media Literacy. Video Series.
  • Our Dynamic World. Video Series.
  • Planet Earth II. Video Series.
  • How do I use Learn360?

    Teachers access Learn360 through the EduPortal (https://edapps.ednet.ns.ca/eduportal), click on “Online Video Library” to login. Students and parents access Learn360 24/7 from school or at home by going directly to the Learn360 home- page (www.learn360.ca) and using their schools username and password to login.

    When was learn 360 published?

    November 26, 2012
    New York, NY, November 26, 2012—Learn360 (www.Learn360.com), an interactive media-on-demand service for the K-12 education market, was selected as a winner in Tech & Learning magazine’s 30th Annual Awards of Excellence, in the “Best Upgraded Product Winners” category.

    How do you get a feature film on Learn360?

    A full list of available movie titles is listed on Learn360 under Menu (to left of Learn360 logo) – Criterion on Demand. feature films and up to $350 for new releases.

    How do I join a class on Learn360?

    Once your class is created, you can invite students to join your class by clicking on the Invite Students button. Once you press this button, you will be given a code to share with your students so that they can join your class.