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How do I access my Army enterprise email?

How do I access my Army enterprise email?

Accessing Enterprise Email (OWA) Open a web browser and go to: You will see the following screen informing you that you are accessing a U.S. Government Information System. Click “I Accept”. When prompted, be sure to select only your DOD EMAIL certificate. Click “OK”.

What happened to Army enterprise email?

All army users having AKO accounts and CAC will be switched to Army Enterprise Email. Now they won’t be able to gain entry into their email by simply using a username and password, not anymore. DoD is on its way to completing the switching of the army’s 1.4 million users to Enterprise Email by the end of March 2013.

What is enterprise email link?

Link to Enterprise Email OWA: Link to Enterprise Email OWA: When it prompts you for a certificate, choose the DOD Email certificate. Link to Enterprise Email OWA: When it prompts you for a certificate, choose the “DOD EMAIL” certificate.

Can you access email from AKO?

Provided you have an account, you can access unclassified information from the AKO site, including your email, with only your username and password. With this information, you can access your AKO email over your iPhone, Windows Phone or Android phone.

How do I encrypt an enterprise email?

Click on the “Options” menu, select the “Mail” submenu, and then click on the “Settings” menu to bring up a page of mail settings, including encryption options. Check the options to sign and encrypt all outgoing messages. Select your secure DOD certificate to sign your messages, verifying they were sent by you.

How do I access my Army email on my phone?

  1. 1 Android.
  2. 2 Enable IMAP in your Gmail settings. Enable IMAP in your Gmail settings, as Gmail is the default email client for Android cell phones.
  3. 3 Tap Email From the Home screen.
  4. 4 Enter your AKO email address and password.
  5. 5 Tap.
  6. 6 IPhone.
  7. 7 Tap Accounts.
  8. 8 Want displayed in email messages.

How do I get s/mime to work in OWA?

Install the S/MIME control

  1. Go to. Settings > Mail > S/MIME.
  2. When you’re prompted to run or save the file, select Run or Open (the choice will vary depending on the web browser you’re using).
  3. You might be prompted again to verify that you want to run the software. Select Run to continue the installation.

How do I create an email account mil?

Go to Army Knowledge Online, at Locate the “New User” section in the middle of the page. Click on “Register without a CAC.” Find your AKO account type. Army and sponsored accounts are common account types.

What is my AKO email address?

Visit and enter your user name and password. Your personal AKO homepage will appear. Click on the “People” icon. The icon is found at the top of the page between the “Video” and “Help” buttons, and it looks like a blue book.

How do I access my military email on my phone?

Is enterprise email encrypted?

Enterprise Email has the capability to sign and encrypt your email but you may need to install what is called an “S/MIME Control.” If you are not sure whether your computer has the necessary package installed follow the steps below first.

How do I encrypt a message in OWA?

Open Outlook Web Access and compose your email message as you normally would. When you have finished composing the text of your email message, click the PGP Tray icon. Select Current Window, then click Encrypt, Sign, or Encrypt & Sign.

How to find an AKO email address?

How to Find an AKO Email Address Log in to Army Knowledge Online. Log in to Army Knowledge Online. Visit and enter your user name and… Enter the user s. Enter the user’s information on the “Find a Person” screen. Type in the last name of person you are… Wait. Wait while AKO searches for the email address. Be prepared to hold for a few seconds to a minute. See More….

What is my Ako email?

An AKO email is an official military (.mil) and secure (https) account. If you do not know your AKO email and require additional information or assistance please contact the AKO Help Desk. When you registered for AKO, you received an email address. For example: ([email protected]).

How do I get an AKO account?

To obtain an AKO account, go to, select “New User”, and follow the directions to register. Contractors: Contact your Program Manager to get an AKO account.

How can you contact the AKO help desk?

The ako help desk number is 866-335-2769 when you are calling commercially.

  • you will need use the following instructions: Use DSN switch board at 312-560-1110.
  • Further reading: ako help desk