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How do I buy PlayStation plus games in Japan?

How do I buy PlayStation plus games in Japan?

If you create a new Japanese PSN account you are eligible to claim 14 days of free PS+ service (no credit card required). You can then use the Japanese account to download the PS+ games and play them through your main account assuming this account also has a PS+ subscription.

Is PS Plus free in Japan?

PlayStation adds February’s three free PS Plus games today, except if you’re a subscriber in Japan, you’re actually getting four. Every month, PS Plus subscribers can download full games absolutely free. Those games will remain playable in your library until you let your subscription lapse.

Are PS Plus games region locked?

They are not region-locked, which means that you can play any game on any PlayStation console in any part of the world. Also, if you purchase a game from your PlayStation Plus network, then it may or may not be region locked.

Are Japanese PS4 games region locked?

“The Playstation 4 is region free. PS4 games from Japan, North America, Oceania, Europe and region 5 South Africa, South America. Will play just fine on your PS4 console. Playstation 1,2,3 games from Playstation Now require an account from the region you live in.”

Is PS Plus worldwide?

As of June 2021, the service had over 46.3 million subscribers, a vast increase from the eight million in 2014….Number of subscribers of PlayStation Plus (PS Plus) worldwide as of June 2021 (in millions)

Characteristic Number of subscribers in millions
Dec ’20 47.4
Sep ’20 45.9

Are PlayStation plus games different regions?

We reached out to PlayStation, they also added this: Now it is clear that PlayStation doesn’t favour any region, but due to copyright, release schedules and various reasons, they couldn’t offer the same free content for every region.

Can you use a Japanese PS5 in America?

PS5 games will be region free, according to the FAQ, which means you’ll be able to play games from other countries without any issues.

Can you play Japanese games on PS5?

Sony confirms that PS5 games will not be region-locked, meaning that any PS5 game can be played regardless of the region the player is in. For the Japanese games that don’t quite make it to the west, this is a great way to expand those gaming adventures without worrying about any sort of location-based block in place.