How do I contact Bruce Buffer?

How do I contact Bruce Buffer?

Contact SpeakerBookingAgency today at 1-888-752-5831 to book Bruce Buffer for a virtual event, virtual meeting, virtual appearance, virtual keynote speaking engagement, webinar, video conference or Zoom meeting.

Can you rent Bruce Buffer?

CALL US TODAY (725) 228-5100 and speak with a CTI Bruce Buffer booking agent to get direct availability and pricing for having this talent to work your event.

What Bruce Buffer says?

It’s time!
Bruce’s catchphrase is “It’s time!”, which he announces before the main event of the UFC. He is the half brother of the boxing and professional wrestling ring announcer Michael Buffer, and is the President and CEO of their company, The Buffer Partnership.

What does Bruce Buffer charge?

Bruce has managed to make a name for himself in the industry and this has helped him grow his salary. He reportedly charges $50,000 per UFC fight. Meanwhile, when it comes to big events, Bruce charges as much as $100,000.

How much is buffer worth?

Michael Buffer Net Worth

Net Worth: $400 Million
Date of Birth: Nov 2, 1944 (76 years old)
Gender: Male
Profession: Actor, Announcer, Model, Master of Ceremonies
Nationality: United States of America

How much is Michael Buffer?

What is Michael Buffer’s net worth? According to Celebrity net worth Michael Buffer’s net worth is estimated to be around $400 million. While his salary per match differs from fight to fight it is reported that he earns between $25,000 and $100,000.

How old is Bruce Buffer?

64 years (May 21, 1957)
Bruce Buffer/Age

How is Michael Buffer so rich?

Michael Buffer made the majority of his money by trademarking his iconic catchphrase: “Let’s get ready to rumble!” Selling the rights to this catchphrase for use in music, television, video games and merchandise has amassed Buffer a fortune.

Did Bruce Buffer ever fight?

Did Bruce Buffer ever fight in the UFC? Prior to entering the UFC as an announcer, Bruce Buffer held a black belt in the Korean martial art called Tang Soo Do. However, the Oklahoma native has never fought professionally inside the Octagon.

Why is Michael Buffer so rich?

What is Conor McGregor’s net worth?

Conor McGregor – US$400 million Twelve, which brought him an estimated US $158 million. Since then his global net worth has been estimated to be in excess of US$400 million.

How rich is Anthony Joshua?

According to a report from WealthyGorilla in June, Joshua’s net worth is currently $80 million.