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How do I contact shop your way?

How do I contact shop your way?

Call the Member Care Center at 800.991. 8708 or email us at [email protected].

What is the phone number for SHOP YOUR WAY Mastercard?

Don’t worry, we’ve got it under control. Call 1-800-MASTERCARD (1-800-627-8372) in the U.S.

What is my shop your way member number?

Your member number can be found by clicking into the Rewards Points in the top right corner of this page Your PIN and account balance is also there. You can print a SYWR card by clicking on the top right corner “Rewards Points” then click to view your PIN. This displays a screen you can print the card.

How do I cancel my shop your way account?

You can call our member service center 1-800-991-8708 or email [email protected] and they can close it for you.

Is shop your way a credit card?

The Shop Your Way Mastercard, issued by Citibank, is a co-branded rewards card for frequent Sears and Kmart shoppers. While you’ll earn considerable rewards on some of your most basic types of spending, the points can only be used to save on future purchases within the Sears and Kmart network of stores.

What is Shop Your Way membership?

Shop Your Way® is a free social shopping destination and rewards program offering millions of products, personalized services, and advice. Through a network of retail partners and service providers, members can shop, compare, purchase items and earn points to use on future purchases.

Why did I get a Shop Your Way Mastercard?

The Shop Your Way Mastercard from Citibank is designed to reward cardholders who regularly shop at Sears and Kmart stores. This card also offers generous rewards on everyday purchases, including gas.

How do I cancel my Shop Your Way Max membership?

To cancel by phone, call the Customer Care Center (1-800-349-4358).

How do I cancel my shop your way Mastercard?

If you wish to discontinue your participation in the Program you may cancel at any time by contacting Shop Your Way Customer Relations either by calling (847) 766-0361 during regular business hours or by emailing [email protected].

What bank is shop your way credit card?

Who has a shop your way Mastercard?

Can a product be returned to Kmart after purchase?

The Company want The Client of Kmart to be satisfied with The User’s purchase. Most products can be returned in new condition, with the original packaging (including accessories, manuals and parts) along with The Customer’s receipt. After the return period, or if the item has been used, the manufacturer’s warranty may apply.

How can I track my order at Kmart?

How do I track my order? Can I cancel my order? How do I tell if a product is available in my local store?

Who is the owner of the Kmart store?

This website or mobile application (the “Kmart Site”) is owned by the Kmart Corporation and managed by Sears Holdings Management Company on its behalf and for the benefit of Kmart and its affiliates and subsidiaries (“Kmart”, or Website).