How do I download TSC software?

How do I download TSC software?

TSC Service Center, Call – 09810822688 or Mail – [email protected].

  1. Websites: Visit:
  2. For Drivers: Visit:
  3. For Software: Visit:
  4. For Data Sheet:

How do I update the firmware on my TSC printer?

How do I use TSC Console to update firmware?…

  1. Click the checkbox to select the desired printers.
  2. Click “Tools” then “File Manager Tool” option to access the File Manager page.
  3. Reclassify the file type as “Firmware File”
  4. Press “Browse” to select Frimware File.
  5. Press “Download” to update firmware.

How do I connect my TSC printer to my computer?


  1. Place the printer on a flat, secure surface.
  2. Make sure the power switch is off.
  3. Connect the printer to the computer with the provided USB cable.
  4. Plug the power cord into the AC power cord socket at the rear of the printer, and then plug the power cord into a properly grounded power outlet.

How do I calibrate my TSC printer?

TSC Diagnostic Tool

  1. In the Diagnostic Tool click Calibrate Sensor.
  2. Under Media Type choose the correct type of label.
  3. Under Auto Calibration click Calibrate.

How do I add a TSC printer to my Mac?

Guide to setup TSC printers on Apple Macintosh Mac Os Snap Hardware white page

  1. Double click on file and select Continue and Install from following Form.
  2. Insert administrator’s username and password (in the example we are using an user named TSC)
  3. A new Dialog will show thath installation is done.

How do I connect my bartender to my printer?


  1. Accept the license agreement.
  2. Determine Installation Directory (default is recommended)
  3. Confirm UAC Screen.
  4. Seagull Driver Wizards screen appears, select “Install printer drivers” radio button.
  5. Select the proper connection type in the Connect Printer screen.

How do I install a bar code on my printer?

Once the COM port is setup, login to OnCommand and run the barcode printer configuration (File- >Settings->Parts Inventory->Configure Barcode Printer). Choose the COM port that you set the printer to and press “Configure Barcode Printer”, wait for a message that says it finished.

How do I fix my TSC printer?

Cause: The software’s printing program has an error. Solution: Restart the print program, re-create a new label, and re-type the contents of the label, select the correct print driver to print to see if it is normal. If it is still the same, you can only uninstall the software and then reinstall it.

How do I change the default printer in BarTender?

Open BarTender > Administer menu > Advanced printer and driver setup. Select the incompatible printer. Check Override default settings. Uncheck Use alternative method to control data sourced copies.

What’s the difference between ZPL and EPL?

Eltron Programming Language (EPL) is a printer control language used to produce printed labels for various Eltron model printers. It was superseded by Zebra Programming Language (ZPL) after Zebra Technologies acquired Eltron.

Do Zebra printers come with software?

Zebra comes with its own software but if you want optimal results, you need to try these great Zebra label software. Check all our suggestions as you will also find a product with support for over 2500 thermal label printers from more than 70 brands.