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How do I get to the Stone House in Forest Park?

How do I get to the Stone House in Forest Park?

Start up Lower Macleay Trail along Balch Creek, the park’s biggest year-round stream. Hike less than a mile through a verdant rainforest to arrive at Stone House (imaginatively nicknamed the Witch’s Castle), where the ruins of an old building are alluringly grown over with moss and ferns.

Is Pittock Mansion hike open?

No fee or permit is required to hike in Forest Park to Pittock Mansion. The mansion is open daily for tours (except holidays).

Is Lower Macleay Trail open?

Lower Macleay Trail is closed until further notice, due to flooding and downed trees. All of the Wildwood Trail is open, however!

Where does the Wildwood Trail start?

Vietnam Memorial
The Wildwood Trail starts at the Vietnam Memorial adjacent to the Oregon Zoo and World Forestry Center and circles uphill through Washington Park. You’ll need a map because Wildwood winds through crossing trails that will take you to beautiful spots — and get you completely off track.

How do you get into the witch’s castle?

There’s two ways to reach the Witch’s Castle:

  1. Park in the Upper Macleay parking lot near the Audubon Society and head downhill for half a mile, following the markers that lead to the Stone House.
  2. Park in the Lower Macleay parking lot and NW 30th/Upshur and take a 3/4 mile walk to the Witch’s Castle.

Is Pittock Mansion free?

Admission costs $11 for adults, $8 for kids ages 6 to 18 and is free for children 5 and younger; discounts are also available for senior citizens and students. For more information on hours and special events at the mansion, visit the attraction’s website.

Where do you park to hike the Pittock Mansion?

Park here at the roundabout circle in McLeay Park. Head off south on the trail under the Thurman Street Bridge. Head across Cornell Road and start up the ascent to the top and Pittock Mansion on the Wildwood Trail.

Are Oregon hiking trails closed?

A vast number of hiking trails, parks, and day-use areas in the state are now closed to the public. All campgrounds, private and public, are also closed. Most of the Oregon coast is now off-limits to visitors.

Is hiking open in Oregon?

Yes, indoors and outdoors, even if you’re vaccinated.

How many trails are in Forest Park?

Ready for some activity? There are 41 moderate trails in Forest Park ranging from 2 to 13.5 miles and from 55 to 1,082 feet above sea level.

How did the girls travel to the witch’s castle?

How did the girls travel to the witch’s castle? They rode on Aslan’s back.

How long is the hike from stone house?

From Stone House, you can also venture south on Wildwood Trail and ascend to Pittock Mansion for panoramic views over Portland. Reference Lower Macleay Park to Pittock Mansion for more information about this longer hike, which ascends 850 feet of elevation and is 5.4 miles round trip (of 5.6 miles with the lower loop through Willamette Heights).

Where is the stone house in Forest Park?

Visit the Stone House and turn right on Wildwood Trail (0.9 miles) Turn right on Holman Lane (1.35 miles) Leave Forest Park and turn left on NW Aspen Avenue (1.5 miles) Turn right on NW Franklin Court (1.6 miles) Turn left on NW 32nd Avenue (1.8 miles) Turn right on NW Thurman Street (1.85 miles)

Where is the Wildwood Trail at Stone House?

Wildwood Trail goes uphill on the side of the gulch above Lower Macleay Trail. Look down over Balch Creek and the trail you hiked up. A tenth of a mile from Stone House, pass a path breaking off to the left and stay on what is obviously the main trail.

Where to see Pittock Mansion in Forest Park?

This 2.5-mile hike on Wildwood Trail and Upper Macleay Trail in Forest Park goes up a wooded hillside to Pittock Mansion, a landmark with panoramic views over Portland. This 2.7-mile loop combines three trails in Forest Park for a refreshing woodland walk.