How do I get to Yeoor hills?

How do I get to Yeoor hills?

There are two ways of entering Yeoor hills; one is through Upvan lake, lying on Pokhran Road on the way to Pawar Nagar. Also there is another route way up from Tikuji-ni Wadiwhich lies near Hill Garden, 5 – 10 minutes from Pawar Nagar.

Is Yeoor waterfall open today?

The hills are open to the public on all days of the week. The recommended timings 8:00 AM – 7:00 PM are ideal for a visit. There is a fee of INR 30 per person for entering the Yeoor Hills from the Upvan Lake side.

What to do in Yeoor hills?

Upvan Lake.

  • Mahuli Fort.
  • Naneghat Hills.
  • Titwala Ganesh Mandir.
  • Korum Mall.
  • Butterfly park – Ovalekar Wadi.
  • Kelwa Beach.
  • Tikuji-ni-wadi.
  • Are there leopards in Yeoor hills?

    A leopard was spotted in the Patlipada area of Yeoor hills in Thane. According to the forest official, the movement of a leopard has been noticed by the locals, since the last few days. “The movement of the leopard was spotted by locals since the last 5-6 days.

    Is upvan Lake open tomorrow?

    The lake is open to public 24×7. However, it is advisable not to venture late night due to safety reasons. Early mornings, day times, evening are all fine.

    Is Malshej Ghat open?

    No . Roads are CLOSED. Not Advisable for Rainy Season.

    How many lakes are there in Thane city?

    35 lakes
    7 Lakes Of Thane You Can Chill At! To the point: Thane City is one of the seven cities in the Thane Taluka (District). While it falls under a different district, it lies right next to Mumbai and falls under the Mumbai Metropolitan Region. The place is surrounded by as many as 35 lakes and is known as the City of Lakes.

    Is Malshej Ghat open June 2021?

    63 booked since June 19 for visiting Malshej Ghat near Thane during lockdown. Places near Malshej Ghat, such as Pimpalgaon Joga Dam, Harishchandragad, Ajoba Hill Fort and Naneghat, all are closed and even locals are not allowed to visit these spots.

    Is it safe to travel to Malshej Ghat now?

    Entry to Malshej Ghat has been banned for tourists till the end of this month. So, for now, you have to put on hold your plans to this place in case you were thinking of it. The authorities had to take this step in the wake of recent landslides and accidents.

    Is Thane a posh area?

    Thane, a metropolitan city of Thane District turned out to be one of the posh locations in the Indian state of Maharashtra, which is now acting as a house to some of the best real estate projects not only in Maharashtra, but also in the world.

    Is Thane a good place to live?

    Thane is a great place to live and also visit. Eastern Express Highway – one of the well maintained highway in India connects Mumbai to various cities via Thane that makes it easier to travel to good places in and around Thane west. Accommodation’s are less expensive compared to that of in Metro cities.

    Is Malshej Ghat closed?